As a parent of a small kid, life is exciting but it also brings in a lot of inevitable responsibilities. A child needs constant protection and care and to do there are so many gadgets and things that keep the parents a bit at peace.

While your kid is growing up, he/she cannot be squeezed in between two parents, especially during the sleeping hours. Hence there’s something called as Pack n Play that keeps the baby safe, even when the parents are asleep.

It’s a cute looking sleeper that can be used as a portable crib. Whether you are heading out or need a protective place for the baby to play, this one is essential and definitely a great solution for all the parents out there.

That said, have you ever wondered about the cleaning process of the Pack n play? Germs that get accumulated on it are your kid’s worst enemy and every parent should be cautious about this one. There are ways to sanitize it and use it regularly. Just washing the sheets and the bedding of this bassinet is not enough. The whole thing needs your attention and has to be cleaned every now and then.

Babies do everything possible in their bassinets and keeping it clean should be your utmost priority. Wondering how? Take a good look at all these steps that ensure your baby’s health stays great as always!

Perform Deep Cleaning

Step 1: If you have a bathtub, place the Pack n Play in it. Firstly, take the mattress out and fold the frame. The size of Pack n Play is such that it will fit in most of the bathtubs. Just in case, it doesn’t clean it in parts.

Step 2: Begin with filling hot water in the tub. As it starts filling up, add soap to it. You need to make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda along with detergent. The quantity depends as per the size of the bassinet. Incase of powdered detergent, mix it in water first and then add other items.

Step 3: Take the Pack n Play and submerge it in the water once the tub is filled. Leave it in this position for 30 minutes and then turn it to the other side.

Step 4: If you have a hand shower, you can rinse it in the bathtub or else take it in an open yard and try to take it all out. If you notice more dirt, you might want to repeat the process.

Step 5: Now, set it up in an open place. Do it on a sunny, warm day. Lay the mattress as well and remember to turn it onto the other side through this process. Let both the things dry completely before you put it to use again.


Step 1: This one is a normal and one of the most obvious methods of cleaning Pack n Play. You need to clean it effectively and for that, you need to take it in an open area where it also gets sufficient sunlight post the cleaning sesh.

Step 2: Run the mattress in the water and keep the pad cover on. Then, take the mattress out and create a cleaning solution. This should be made of detergent blended well in water. Now, use a scrub and brush every part of Pack n Play including the mattress. Then, rinse it with water thoroughly.

You can clean it in the yard with a hose and if you do not have the access, you can take it to your bathroom as well. Post that, leave the whole thing in the sun to dry.

Regular Cleaning

Step 1: The best Pack n Play cleaning method is regularly maintaining it that will help retain its shape. Whenever you notice a spill, try to clean it as soon as possible.

To do so, use a paper towel or a regular towel. Let it soak the liquid first before you try to enhance the cleaning. Dab it so it can soak up all the liquid possible.

Step 2: Now, spray a mixture, made with water and white vinegar and gently clean the area. You can also bank on a natural spray that’s available in the stories. Make sure that it is made with natural ingredients with no chemicals. Since your kid will be spending a lot of time in the bassinet, it is best if the product is harmless.

Step 3: To clean the plastic and the metal parts, you can use the fabric and make a solution. Use white vinegar and water again. Scrub it on these areas and let it dry. Once it is ready, only then put your kid back to the Pack n Play.

Step 4: The mattress cover is also as important as any other part of the Pack n Play. Be sure that you wash it often. Take it from the mattress and throw it in the machine. You can also bucket wash it with a mild solution. Dry it and once it is ready, put it to use. You need to wash it once a week to keep your baby away from ailments.

More Tips To Keep The Pack N Play Clean

  1. Besides the mattress, cover and the whole bassinet, you also need to consider cleaning the napper and changer.
  2. To clean the changer, use soap and water together and then dip dry it.
  3. To clean the napper, use cold water without any bleach and on delicate cycle mode. Drip dry the napper as well.
  4. Since there will be times you will also travel with this bassinet, you need to clean the bag as well. You can do it with machine wash on delicate cycle mode. Use cold water for the same.


It is highly recommended that you clean and wipe the bassinet at least once a week. As far as deep cleaning goes, do it fortnightly. These safety measures ensure that your baby is under protection, whatsoever.

This guide is incredibly simple to follow and it will help you keep the Pack n Play sanitized at all times. There are tons of benefits associated with this product. It helps you when you are away from home or makes your life easier when you want to travel.

It also grants the ability for you to watch your kid play in a safe manner and since most of the parents have it at home, all the steps mentioned above will prove beneficial. Thank us later!

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