In many of the countries, winters are harsh and unforgiving! It may bring many possible home disasters such as frozen pipes, icicles, fire, etc. These hazards not only wreck havoc to your property but may also put your lives on risk.

Therefore, it is essential to be proactive against the winter weather with some tips to prevent any potential mishap. Let’s get started:

1. Protect Your House From The Frost Heaves

Frost heave is a winter home disaster that may inflict serious damage to the entire house. It is an upward swelling of soil caused by the increasing amount of ice. The weight of overlying soil restrains the growth of ice that further promotes the formation of lens-shaped ice areas within the soil. The reason why is it so serious is that it can crack the foundation.

One of the biggest factors that contribute in the growth of frost heaves is the poorly maintained gutters that won’t disperse water properly. As a result, the soil around the house will begin to freeze. This way the ice grows and lays force on the building.

To avoid this, make sure that the gutters are in good condition. Remove the debris that can clog the passage and send water pouring under the roof. Also, inspect the roof and repair the damaged shingles.

2. Beware Of Large, Dangerous Icicles

Another major problem created by the clogged gutters is the formation of large pieces of ice. If the icicles are large enough, they may not only damage your property. Besides harming the property, they may also increase the risk of injuries or fatalities, causing harm to the lives of your loved ones.

Just like the frost heaves, the large icicles become a danger due to the broken or clogged gutters. So, make sure that the gutters are clean and in good working condition.

3. Save Your Pipes From Freezing

A frozen pipe cracks, bursts and may release hundreds of gallons of water, making it a very expensive repair. Bursting or cracking may also cause disastrous flooding and permanent damage is not caught on time.

Wrapping the pipes with foam insulation is an easy task, and should be done before the temperature begins to drop. Many people recommend turning the thermostat down while leaving your home for some days.

However, it may increase the chance of frozen pipes. So, keep your house’s temperature at 68 degrees or higher. If you are leaving your house, open the cabinet doors below the sink. This will allow the heat from the home to circulate.

You can consider low-temperature detectors that send alerts to the smartphone if temperature near the pipes dips below the freezing point. In case of any disaster related to flooding caused by the cracked pipes, you can call restoration companies to minimize the damage.

4. Have A Professional To Inspect The Fireplaces

Winter is a time for house fires. So, it crucial to have fire alarms around the house to alert everyone. But, one of the significant culprits of winter home disasters caused by fire is fireplaces. The best way to prevent such disasters is to hire a professional to inspect it properly.

If the chimneys are blocked with debris, inadequate venting can occur or toxic fumes may seep into your home. Make sure that the fireplace is cooled before you go to bed.

5. Space Heaters Can Be Hazardous If Not Used Properly

In winters, space heaters are a great way to warm up the cold space. However, you need to very attentive to use it properly to prevent potential hazards.

Never leave the space heater unattended, especially if there are children or pets in the house. Don’t place the heater near the shade, bedding or drapes.

If your space heating appliance is old, replace it with a new model that contains safety features like tip-over protection.

These are some of the tips to protect your home from the disasters that may occur during the winter season. By keeping these things in mind, you can keep the winter home mishaps at bay.

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