From their versatility and strength to beauty, log homes appeal to many of the people. Not only are they comfortable and relaxing, but also good for you and the environment. They are a great investment that will remind you of the time spent in nature.

Moreover, with good maintenance, they will be around for many tomorrows. If you are on a fence about owning a log home, here are seven things that will clear your confusion:

1. Log Homes Are Organic

Spending extra money at a health store for purchasing organic groceries was once considered an exception rather than a rule. But, today more people are conscious about what should they put into their bodies. This philosophy has now extended to the quality of the environment where they live. When it comes to “all natural” home type, there is nothing better than a log home.

2. Log Cabins Are Healthy To Live In

Log home’s all-natural components mean that unlike the manmade building materials, they provide a safe environment. With regular HVAC maintenance and low VOC stains, you can create a healthy indoor environment.

3. They Are Energy-Efficient

If built properly, log homes can meet or fulfill today’s strict energy codes. A tight sealant system, high-quality roof insulation, and ventilation doors, windows provide a healthy environment. Besides this, the R-value along and thermal mass of a log wall increases comfort, while decreasing the energy consumption.

Log homes designed to keep the space cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters-thanks to the insulation ability of wood! So, you won’t need a complicated HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature. In this way, log cabins help you save a significant amount of energy as compared to concrete, stone, or brick houses.

4. Log Home Designs Are Versatile

In an era where everyone likes open concept floor plan design, log homes provide a rustic appeal and offer plenty of choices. Whether you choose a contemporary design, classic cabin or a modern abode, log homes can be anything you want them to be.

The Colorado log homes kits are crafted with meticulous attention. The best thing is that you can easily to make modifications or changes in the designs. They are versatile designs that can match your taste and lifestyle.

5. They Integrate Into The Mother Nature

Log homes foster a love for Nature and are good for children, family togetherness. Kids who love to play outdoors can spend quality time in log homes. Elder people love it too!

They not only provide beautiful views but also preserve the environment-our natural habitat. So, they naturally blend into the topography and landscape. Moreover, a log home is an ideal place to enjoy peace and tranquility in nature.

6. They Are Eco-Friendly

Though many argue that log homes destroy forests, there is an interesting story behind this. Most of the log home producers utilize dead timber (trees that got killed by insects or fire). These trees when fell, improve the health of the forests, while reducing the wildlife threat. Also, the log manufacturers recycle the waste into mulch or bio-fuel to heat their mills.

Wood, being a renewable resource, requires less energy to manufacture than the other building materials. Moreover, steel, aluminum, brick, and concrete require a lot of fossil fuels in the production process. Alternatively, wood helps to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Moreover, wooden houses help the environment by absorbing atmospheric CO2.

7. They Can Stand The Test Of Time

You might be wondering whether the log homes will last or not? There are many evidences of century-old wooden houses in Europe, where they were first originated. Even in the concrete or brick houses, the fixtures require updating. However, the log home walls are timeless.

With proper care and maintenance, this simple yet stylish structure can last for the generations to come. So, they are an economical and long-term investment.

Bottom Line

These are some of the benefits of owning a log home or cabin that may drive your attention. It is a lucrative and long-term investment that will be an asset you can over to younger generations. Also, they can fit a wide range of needs and budgets.

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