A well-known brand in the US is Dossier.co offers a huge selection of scented goods and perfumes. Spicy Orchid Perfume is one of its best-selling fragrances. The $160.00 perfume Black Orchid by Tom Ford served as the inspiration for Spicy Orchid.  

Do you have any plans to purchase Spicy Orchid Perfume? Are you interested in hearing what customers say about Black Orchid Dossier.Co? Scroll down to read the reviews of Black Orchid Dossier.Co.   

About Black Orchid Dossier.Co  

Spicy Orchid Perfume contains top notes of cinnamon and pink pepper, middle notes of plum, ylang-ylang, and orchid, and base notes of sandalwood, incense, vanilla, and patchouli. Spicy Orchid Perfume has a rich and seductive scent that makes you remember summer nights.  

  • You can buy Black Orchid Dossier.Co from https://dossier.co/products/spicy-orchid 
  • It retails for $39.00.  
  • The Dossier brand manufactures it.  
  • The ingredients include Aldehyde C18, Ambrox DL, Bacdanol Beta Ionone, Benzyl Acetate Canthoxal, Aldehyde C18 Bacdanol, Cinnamic Alcohol Citronellol, Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate Coumarine, Vetiver Ess Ylang Ess, Coumarine Exaltolide, DMBC Butyrate Floral, Exaltolide Geraniol., Geraniol. Hedione, Vertofix Vetynal, Habanolide Iso E Super, Linalol Patchouli Ess, Iso E Super Linalol, Canthoxal Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate, Patchouli Ess Vanlline, Floral Habanolide, Sandalore Vertofix, VetynalPink Pepper Ess, Linalyl Acetate Sandalore, Ylang Ess, Ambrox DL Benzyl Acetate, Hedione Lemon Ess, Beta Ionone Cinnamic Alcohol, Vanlline Vetiver Ess, Citronellol DMBC Butyrate, Lemon Ess Linalyl Acetate  
  • It consists of a concentration of around 18%.  
  • Black Orchid Dossier.Co is free from colorant, toxins like phthalate and paraben, UV filter, and is vegan.  
  • The perfume retails in 50mL or 1.7oz, in the size of 5*5.25*2.75.  
  • The perfume bottle weighs 1.5 Pounds.  

Using Black Orchid  

  • Although Spicy Orchid Perfume can be used alone, combining it with other Dossier perfumes is advised.  
  • It produces a more pleasant fragrance with a vanilla floral scent. 
  • Spray Spicy Orchid Perfume first, then apply any Vanilla Floral Scent on your skin or clothes.  
  • Rub the region to increase its activity.  

Why Buy Black Orchid Dossier.Co?  

  • It has a strong fragrance, just like cinnamon and vanilla when it fades.  
  • It’s best suited for winter and doesn’t stain your clothes.  
  • Black Orchid Dossier.Co is best for any occasion, mainly for evening events.  
  • It is very durable and lasts till the next day.  

Loopholes In Black Orchid Dossier.Co  

  • The fragrance is a little sensitive, which may result in a mild headache.  
  • Many reveal that it’s less sensitive and durable compared to its inspiration, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.  
  • Also, the perfume remains out of stock most of the time.  

Insights About Dossier

The Dossier has existed for nine long years and has achieved a spectacular rank of 61,084 on Alexa so far. It also attained a fairly impressive trust score of 76% and owns a noticeable and strong social media presence on Twitter and Instagram. It experiences around 22K subscribers on Dossier’s website. The Dossier has manufactured Spicy Orchid perfume.  

About Black Orchid Dossier.Co Product  

  • This fragrance is being sold via various social media platforms and accounts.  
  • The customers really enjoy this product as it gives the same luxury feel as the extremely expensive high-end Tom Ford brand.  
  • It attained an extremely favorable rating on the Internet.  

Overall, Black Orchid Dossier.Co is a genuine product from an authentic brand.  

Customer Reviews Of Black Orchid Dossier.Co  

On Dossier.co, 263 reviews of Spicy Orchid Perfume have a rating of 4.4/5 stars. Several shopping websites have also mirrored this user feedback. Similarly, online consumer reviews have a 4.4/5 rating.  

There are three positive reviews of Spicy Orchid Perfume on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, so Spicy Orchid Perfume has received favorable comments.  

The most unfavorable reviews mentioned are regarding Spicy Orchid Perfume’s low stock, leaky bottles, subpar customer support, and soiled packaging.   

End Note  

According to Black Orchid Dossier.Co Review, the product is a real one because a lot of consumers have received their deliveries and have revealed nice things about it. Furthermore, due to its longevity, high trust rating, and top rank via Alexa, the Dossier is also a reliable brand. Overall, Spicy Orchid Perfume has received favorable customer feedback, ratings, and reviews. It also has a strong social media presence, so it seems legit.  

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