Fashion is one of the largest growing markets in the world. The youth population dominates the world, and youth is a maniac for new trends and experiments. From quirky clothes to crazy patterned accessories, bodies covered in tattoos, and weird-looking hairstyles, I don’t think anything remains to be termed fashion anymore. People do anything that becomes a new trend, and everything starts imitating the same. A recent add-on to the list of fashion is electrifying hair colors. Youth, both girls and boys are getting their hair pigments transformed from brown and black to bright pink, electric blue, lilac, red, and every color we learned in the early days of school. One such product which has grabbed every fashion enthusiast’s attention is Brad Mondo Hair Dye.   

Brad Mondo Hair Dye, as its name suggests, is a hair dye launched by a famous hairstylist cum YouTuber, Brad Mondo, some years back. He is known for making fashion videos and launched a product range, XMONDO, that is loved by people; as a result, many people buy his products. Earlier, it had the usual color range to cover greys, but now it offers quirky and bright shades. People can buy and use colors like Super blue, Super pink, and Super purple to change their appearance and look stylish.  

Brad Mondo’s product range has multiple diverse commodities than Brad Mondo hair dye, including shampoo, conditioner, foams, hair colors, serums, and many more.   

Insights Of Brad Mondo Hair Dye

  • The hair dye comes in three colors- Super blue, pink, and purple  
  • The price range is the same throughout the United States, 28 USD.  
  • The Brad Mondo Hair Dye is available in 8 fl. Oz. Or 237 MI.  

Ingredients In Brad Mondo Hair Dye

  • Hair dye has bond developers that develop new bonds, support hair growth, and repair hair damage.  
  • It has Sodium hyaluronate that retains natural moisture in hair and promotes hair resilience.  
  • The product has various proteins like hydrolyzed vegetable proteins that aid in strengthening and revitalizing the damaged and dry hairs.  
  • Water  
  • Iron Oxide  
  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil  
  • Hydrolyzed wheat proteins  
  • Acetyl alcohol  
  • Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice  
  • Dimethicone  
  • Persea Gratissima Oil  
  • Glycerin  
  • Ricinus communis seed oil  
  • The presence of blended scents like Japanese cheery blossom, white butterfly jasmine, and sandalwood produces a refreshing fragrance.  
  • Cetrimonium chloride, and many others.  

Features Of Brad Mondo Hair Dye

  • The colors are paraben and sulfate-free.  
  • It doesn’t harm the applicator’s skin or hair.  
  • These are temporary hair dyes.  
  • The hair colors are vegan-free.  
  • They are cruelty-free.  
  • Brad Mondo Hair Dye is gluten-free.  
  • Various hairdressers test the product before launch.  
  • It gives shade as per the existing original hair color. So, if the original hair color is light, the shade gets brighter.  
  • It smells good due to the presence of scents.  
  • The ingredients are full of nutritious proteins to prevent hair from being damaged.  
  • It is free from harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.  

Pros Of Brad Mondo Hair Dye  

  • It is an easy-to-apply product.  
  • It is vegan-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.  
  • It is free from harmful chemicals.  
  • The color is temporary.  
  • It can be used to color hair wigs and extensions.  

Cons Of Brad Mondo Hair Dye

  • It is a temporary color.  
  • Doesn’t work properly for dark hair.  
  • Brad Mondo Hair Dye is only available in three shades.  
  • There’s no certification for it being a cruelty-free product.  

Brad Mondo Hair Dye Reviews

  • Customers like the shade range.  
  • Most users are happy with the end results.  
  • Few complained about the shades not yielding good results for their dark hair.  
  • There’s no vegan-free certification available.   


Brad Mondo Hair Dye is a hair-dying product invented by a hairstylist and fashion vlogger, Brad Mondo. The hair dye comes in the range of three shades- blue, pink and purple. It is a temporary color and will rinse off with time. The colors are paraben, sulfate, vegan and gluten-free. It is an affordable product and has received good reviews. The only drawback is that dark-pigmented hairs can’t catch this hair dye as reviewed.  

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