This is especially for all those who like listening to music while driving their car. Long road trips seem short and easy with the right kind of music being played in the background. Late-night travelling eventually becomes safe as energetic music prevents drivers and others from sleeping. Spotify has launched something for cars, or more precisely, for those who love the blend of car driving with music.   

Spotify has designed and launched a smart music player, Car Thing, for your car to make your journey more interesting and fun. This innovation has grabbed the attention of music lovers globally, who are fascinated with this new advancement. You can discover more about it on, Let’s get an in-depth review of this card device.  

Features Of Carthing  

Car Thing is valuable equipment for music lovers. It is a smart feature and thus possesses certain great features:

  • One can interact with Car Thing by speaking “Hey, Spotify,” and then you can demand whatever stuff you want to listen to. You can request by telling the artist’s name, song, song album, or any podcast you are interested in.   
  • The screen’s display lets you know the current song being played and the upcoming songs.   
  • You can also swipe on the screen to play the next song or wait for the one playing to end and the next to begin.  
  • You can browse, play, pause, select and even discover new music with Car Thing, so you need not wait for your favorite song to arrive.  
  • The device has four preset buttons installed, which act like shortcuts to playlists, podcasts, artists, etc.  
  • You can buy it on Carthing.Spotify.con.  

Features Of Carthing.Spotify.Con   

  • Car Thing lets you focus on driving as you can interact with it using your voice.  
  • This smart device can make your journey exciting.  
  • No need to connect your phone as in most car music players, so you can use your phone the way you want.  
  • You need a subscription to enjoy these features for playing on-demand songs and getting an ad-free experience.  

Buying Car Thing From Carthing.Spotify.Con  

You can get smart Car Thing for your car from Carthing.Spotify.con for its MRP and a certain amount of shipping charge. Shipping is also free here for a limited duration.  

Pay the cost and get your music accessory home, making your driving more joyful. Use preset buttons and browse, swipe, pause and play your favorite songs. Then, just tap or speak to reach your favorite podcast, playlist or artist’s songs.  

Visit Carthing.Spotify.con, and check the availability of the Car Thing in your region. Shipping is free for some time so buy fast to get this car accessory to make your driving more fun and fascinating.  

Summing Up  

Carthing.Spotify.con is where you get Car Thing, a smart car accessory by Spotify to fill your car with music, talk, news and entertainment. So, you can hear your favorite music effortlessly. 

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