Cannabis product CBD oil is undoubtedly the best supplement in the market these days, with a handful of benefits. However, as it is popular, people have diverse perspectives about CBD-derived products. For some, it’s addictive, and some say it helped them to treat their overall health. Although you cannot overdose or get addicted to CBD, it does have minute withdrawal symptoms. 

CBD is derived from cannabis. It is organic and helps benefit your mental, physical and overall health. So, if an individual decides to quit his CBD dosage, his body experiences a lack of supplement intake. This consideration reflects a few old symptoms and people misunderstood them as CBD withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Although these symptoms are minor but can disturb your regular cycle easily. However, you will start experiencing these withdrawal symptoms within two days of stopping the dosage. Which will likely persist for nearly four weeks with the most self-control. 


You can experience sleeplessness or even insomnia, a sleep disorder. When a person faces difficulty sleeping day & night and almost loses his sleep for weeks and months. And experience irritated mood, depressed state of mind, mood swings, etc., are said to be suffering from insomnia. 

Sudden Urge 

Usually, when a person decides to quit a certain substance, he feels a sudden pull and urges to fill the deficit fully. Likewise, if you decide to break the month-long chain of CBD dosage, you might feel the sudden urge to consume it as soon as possible. 

Specific Symptom 

Another major withdrawal symptom is – Dysphoria, where a person feels sudden discomfort and uneasiness due to a lack of CBD intake

Another Symptom 

Apart from these symptoms, one can experience these withdrawal effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Weakness
  • Sweating
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Addictive, unconscious, or feeling of being high (only if you consume CBD dosage with THC, Nicotine, Antidepressants, alcohol, opioids, etc.) 

Although these symptoms won’t last for a longer period, you can treat them by yourself as well. Else, if your case is a serious, irritating experience, you can even consult your doctor for guidance.

Treat Withdrawal Symptoms 

Most of the time, treatment of withdrawal depends upon the effects & symptoms one is experiencing daily. However, we have shared a few treatments one can go for without having any difficulty. 

Outpatient Therapy 

If you opt for outpatient therapy, you will be required to work with psychotherapists and other mental health providers daily. Good therapy will help maintain a balance between body & mind and improve emotional health. 

Indulge In A Hobby 

Try to indulge yourself in an active hobby like playing outdoor games, indoor games, or listening to your favourite song. Try to concentrate on other things rather than focusing on withdrawal symptoms. 

Support Groups 

Through support groups, you will get connected with different people all over the world. Who might be suffering the same way as you and motivate you to keep going and keep patience with withdrawal symptoms while quitting CBD. 


Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to guide you regarding CBD, its withdrawal symptoms, and how to treat it easily. Although you can take some professional help, we recommend considering the guide given above for a detailed overview. 

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