Imagine driving around on the vast highways of Germany or dune bashing in the deserts of the UAE. Isn’t it a great feeling? What could possibly ruin the experience? Well, numerous things can go wrong and perhaps endanger your life. For instance, the brakes might develop a fault, or the car might heat up.

However, the likelihood of these things happening is relatively low. Why? Modern vehicles are equipped with so many sensors that they warn the user long before anything serious happens to a car. The more likely thing to happen while driving a vehicle is ending up with a flat tire. Yes, that is right and flat tires can be fatal. In case of a flat tire, opt for a tire repair service immediately.

Although the latest cars are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), a burst or flat tire can happen at any time.

Reasons For A Flat Tire

Various reasons can contribute to a flat tire:

  • Sharp Object

If a sudden sharp object comes into contact with the tire, it can lead to a sudden tire burst. At times, the object might slightly enter into the tire, causing the air to leak. In this case, the TPMS will warn of you of declining air pressure inside the tire.

  • Valve Stem Damage

If the valve stem is faulty or even slightly damaged, the air inside the tire will start to escape. Eventually, it will lead to a flat tire.

  • Vandalism

At times, someone might vandalize your tire. After all, there are anti-social elements within all societies.

  • Over-inflated Tires

If the tires are inflated beyond the recommended levels, they can burst at any time.

  • Underinflated Tires

In the case of underinflated tires, tire burst, or wheel damage is the likely outcome.

Well, whatever the reason, flat tires are an unfortunate reality. Now, we will discuss how to handle a flat tire in no time and like a professional.

Handling A Flat Tire Like A Professional

Bring the vehicle to a complete halt and ensure that the vehicle is not in the way of traffic. Once this is done, get out and inspect the car to ascertain which tire is flat. Afterwards, open the trunk and take out the spare tire. Now, loosen the screws of the flat tire and place the jack underneath the grooves of the vehicle.

Once the jack is aligned with the grooves, life the vehicle using the jack. Remove the screws entirely along with the tire. Once the tire is removed, place it inside the trunk. Now, place the spare tire on the wheel and start tightening the screws. Make sure that the screws are not fully tightened.

Now, lower the vehicle and remove the jack. Tighten the screws fully. Put away all the tools in the trunk and drive to your nearest workshop. Get the original tire repaired right away and install it back onto the vehicle. The reason is that the spare tire is usually a doughnut tire, meaning that it is smaller than the original tires.

Also, it is not designed for long term use. If the spare tire is the same size and model, you can use it normally. Nevertheless, get the damaged tire repaired in all cases. The reason is that the spare tire might also get damaged. Now, a new question arises. What to do if you do not have a spare tire?

If you do not have a spare tire, avail a mobile mechanic service. For example, PitStopArabia offers mobile tire repair services in the UAE. They can also install brand new tyres at any location of your choice. In simple words, get new tires in the UAE delivered and installed at your home or office. Similarly, there is always someone who is offering mobile mechanic services in the area. Get ahold of them and contact them right away.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. We are hopeful that you found the above article informational. Remember to always carry a spare tire with you or opt for run-flat tires to avoid the dangers associated with a flat tire. Thank You and Happy New Year.

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