We do miss the golden cartoon series that we used to stream in our childhood days. In a fit of nostalgia, we all have wanted to see Doraemon and Dragon Ball, but you don’t know where to watch them.  

If you are searching for your favorite cartoon shows, Lacartoons .com, a Mexico-based website, can be your buddy. It has 90’s best cartoons accumulated in one place so you can get back to your missing childhood days again. So, now you know the place that gathers these all.

What Is Lacartoons .com?  

It is an online website with multiple television shows which aren’t even aired anymore. The platform promises to make its users relive the good old days when they used to sit in front of the TV and watch their favorite cartoons with no sign of stress.  

The interface of this cartoon streaming site is very simplified; all old cartoon shows are listed under diverse series of channels. You can witness all the weekly updates and classic series here. So, new shows are being added every week, and some all-time favorite classic cartoon series are here to relive the good old childhood days.   

Diverse Channels Available Here  

In older times, there used to be very few cartoon streaming channels. So, you can easily find the channel where your favorite show used to stream. In the below-mentioned channel list, you can easily look for the cartoon series you like to watch.  

  • Cartoon Network  
  • Disney  
  • Nickelodeon  
  • Fox Kids  
  • Hannah Barbera  
  • Warner Channel  
  • Marvel & many more.  

Just click on your favorite channel, and the whole list of its shows will be presented forward.  

Various Cartoon Shows On Lacartoons .com  

Skim through the list of channels; you can easily see the shows available on each channel. Additionally, the platform has listed major hit shows that are available there. This hit list includes numerous popular cartoon series like-  

  • Captain Plant and the Planetariums  
  • Code Lyoko  
  • Duck Dodgers  
  • 2 Silly Dogs  
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog  
  • Garfield  
  • Knights of the Zodiac  
  • Static Shock  
  • Rex Generator  
  • The Powerpuff Girls  
  • Gasparini and his friends  

Additionally, the platform provides information regarding its starting, user reviews for various shows, rating, number of episodes for all the available shows, and other relevant details.  

Benefits Of Streaming With It  

  • It defines itself as a space where you can watch all your favorite childhood cartoon shows, hence relive those days.  
  • An enormous range of cartoon series is available here.  
  • The interface follows a well-arranged layout, where all series are organized under their specific channels where they used to be broadcast or which have the right to air them.  
  • This way, even if the user doesn’t remember the channel’s name, he can still easily find the shows he wants to binge on.  
  • Both old series and modern shows can be found on the platform.  
  • New weekly updates are added to the content of the website.  
  • Shows that are not even aired on Tv can be viewed here.  
  • The platform has a massive range of cartoon series, mainly in Latin.  

Social Media Mentions  

Upon reaching the bottom of the webpage, you can access its Facebook page and Instagram handle’s link. Click on them, and you will be directed to their official social media accounts. Its Instagram account has attained around 22,000 followers, whereas its Facebook page has 4400 followers and 4000 likes.  

Though the website has a strong social media presence, there are still many platforms that have copied the look and content of Lacartoons .com. For instance, LACartoons. cc’s aesthetics and type of content resemble the original platform way too much. Of course, it also aims to provide kids-centric content but includes many NSFW content in the ads.  

Despite pop-ups and intrusive advertisements, this similar-looking website has gathered an impressive selection of cartoons and children’s series, mostly in Spanish, which is a huge difference.   

Install an ad-blocker, and then you can see hundreds of thousands of shows, from action, romance and fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, anime, adventure, thriller, war, drama, and horror to the comedy genre. Download the web player that it asks for, and then you can access all the content present there directly from the webpage, without any additional app or software.   

End Note  

The website isn’t more than three years old but experiences a good amount of traffic from its users. Also, it has enormous popularity on the Internet and various other social media accounts. It’s a good medium for watching all the cartoon shows we used to watch back in our childhood and miss now. Reliving those precious and fun moments of childhood is possible with Lacartoons .com. Click on your favorite show arranged in the series of their specific channels.   

Watch your favorite cartoon shows that are no longer broadcast and remember good bygone times.   

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