Are you looking for your soulmate, a good friend or maybe your life partner? I’m sure you must have installed and uninstalled various dating applications, which seem quite promising in the beginning but disappoint you with their marketing strategies. Some limit you to a few people to communicate with, whereas some ask for a really heavy amount of bucks to operate further. 

If you have tried all these dating apps and left disheartened, Megapersonal Dating App is worth giving a chance then.

What Is Mega Personal Dating App

It is a free online dating service that finds your ideal match online. It discovers ideal matches based on common shared interests, ideology and lifestyle. It claims to be the perfect choice for those who want to meet in real life and fall in love. 

You can register on Megapersonal Dating App for free and start chatting immediately with your match. It has attracted millions of singles all across the globe already. 

Now, this is what every other dating app on the Internet claims, right? But its unique feature is that the Megapersonal dating app takes care of your real-life meet with your found match as claimed. 

It sends its team members to your home or workplace without revealing your true identity in the initial screening. Then it looks out for the most suitable matches as per your personality and requirements. Once it discovers someone who’s right for you, the Megapersonal dating app shares your contact details with them. So basically, you just need to register and wait for your suitable match. 

Using Mega Personal Dating App

Download the Mega Personal dating app from iTunes or Google Play. Register with the app, which is free of cost. You can sign up using either your Facebook or email credentials. You can simply log in if you already have an account. 

Create your personal account/ad and start looking for suitable matches. Post your photos and additional information about yourself so that other single members can see and communicate with you.

Becoming a member of the Megapersonal dating app gives you access to millions of singles’ profiles who have shared ample information about them. So much information makes it easier to acknowledge the perfect one for yourself. 

By becoming a member of Mega Personal Dating App like millions of other singles, you get access to:

  • Other member’s profiles
  • Other singles’ photos
  • Post status updates
  • You can send each other messages
  • You can share photos with each other
  • Video call or webcam each other

Membership Plans Of Mega Personal Dating App

Mega Personal dating app offers two membership plans while you create your personal account. Two plans are Basic or Premium membership plans, and both differ a little. 

Basic Membership Plan: It is completely free of cost and provides limited access to other members’ photos and information.

Premium Membership Plan: It charges money and offers access to unlimited photos, video chat options, chat room features, etc.

Pros Of Mega Personal Dating App

  • It is a 100% free dating app. Sign up and start browsing through other singles’ profiles.
  • Great user experience
  • Safe to use
  • Features like chat and instant messaging are available without any additional charges.
  • You can also video chat and webcam with the singles you find interest in.
  • Simple to use
  • Millions of singles’ profiles are present on the Megapersonal dating app equipped with enough information. Thus it becomes easy to find a suitable match.
  • It’s way quicker to find your life partners here than sitting in a bar late at night.
  • Only men can message first, and women can’t. Women get two options to either like the male’s profile or pass it. It prevents female members from unwanted messages.
  • Happy Meter feature allows its members to rate their dates with suitable matches. It is rated on a scale of five stars, and in case both people rate it the maximum, they can unlock premium features like search filters and full compatibility matching.

How Mega Personal Dating App Works

The app allows a male member to send unlimited messages to the female they like for free. Only the male members can message first. Now the girl gets two options- she can either give him a like or a pass. It saves female members from unwanted creepy texts. 

The more likes he attains, the easier it gets to discover his ideal match. When both people like each other, it becomes a “mutual like,” as the Mega Personal dating app quotes. It permits them to message each other and meet directly.

The Mega Personal dating app acts like your dating personal, guiding you and letting you access millions of other single members’ profiles. You can instantly message them and share photos with each other. Features like Happy Meter and mutual likes make dating more simple and fun. Give it a try if you want a date for real life because it claims you to sit back and rest is on them.

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