This digital era makes it easy to fall prey to fraudulent websites that claim to offer high-quality products at extremely low prices. is one such website that has gained attention due to its suspicious practices.

To ensure you don’t become a scam victim, it is vital to read reviews before making any online purchase. This article provides a detailed analysis of reviews so you make an informed decision. Reviews: About Mlokbox

Mlokbox is an online store that claims to offer numerous products, including clothing and other accessories. However, upon closer inspection, the website indicates several red flags that question its legitimacy. These factors raise concerns about the authenticity of 


Specification Description
Website URL
Product Range Women’s clothing and accessories
Replacement Policy 30-day replacement policy
Delivery Time Orders delivered in 1-2 days to the destination
Cancellation Policy No information provided on the Mlokbox website
Processing Time No information provided on the website
International Shipping Free shipping for all international customers
Contact Information No contact details provided on the website
Payment Options PayPal
Trust Score 2%
Domain Created 10/06/2021 

Positive Aspects Of

Here are some pros as per reviews:

  • The website uses valid HTTPS protocols and a valid SSL certificate for secure browsing.
  • The site uses a blacklist engine to ensure safety and security.
  • It offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for customers to choose from.
  • Free shipping for International orders.
  • Customers can request a replacement within 30 days of their purchase.

The Legitimacy Of Mlokbox

No Authentic Reviews: The website lacks any authentic reviews, which could give a clear indication of the website’s trustworthiness.

Low Trust Score: The website has a terrible 2% trust score on ScamDoc due to mixed reviews, which is very low, indicating that it is not very popular among users.

Owner Details Hidden: The site has not disclosed any information regarding its owner, making it difficult to verify its authenticity.

No Contact Information: There is no contact information or cancellation details for orders, which raises doubts about the website’s legitimacy.

Fake Social Media Icons: The website has used fake icons from social media to create an illusion of being a trustworthy website.

Copied content: The content and template on Mlokbox are copied from other fraudulent stores

Final Verdict

Based on the lack of customer feedback and the numerous red flags identified in our reviews, it is our opinion that Mlokbox is not a trustworthy or legitimate website for online shopping. We recommend that consumers exercise caution and seek out other reputable and established websites for their shopping needs. It is essential to always do your due diligence and research a website before making any purchases to avoid potential scams or fraudulent activity.


Is Mlokbox a legitimate website?

Based on our research, it is not a trustworthy website.

What is Mlokbox’s return policy?

Mlokbox’s return policy is not clearly outlined on the website, which may lead to potential difficulties with returns or exchanges.

Are there any issues with sizing or fit when purchasing from Mlokbox?

Some customers have reported sizing and fit issues when purchasing from the store, which may result in returns or exchanges.

Does the site offer free shipping?

All International orders qualify for free shipping.

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