Pestie, a pest control solution making waves in the bug-battling world. It claims to zap those annoying critters using natural stuff like cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint – ingredients you might find in your kitchen. But, here’s the real question: Does it really do what it says, or is it just another player in the bug game making big promises? Let’s figure that out together in this Pestie reviews article. We’ll dig into the reality of this product for a safe shopping experience! 

Getting To Know Pestie

Pestie is all about making sprays to deal with fleas and ticks. They say they use things like cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint to make it. The deal is, you sign up for a plan, and they send you boxes of bug stuff four times a year. These boxes are supposed to be customised for where you live, helping you get rid of bugs around your house. But hold up, they don’t deal with bed bugs or termites, so that you know.

Price & Delivery Options

How much is this bug-fighting subscription going to cost you? Well, offers three ways to pay: yearly for $136, quarterly payments totaling $156 every year, or a one-time spray for $49. The good news is all these options come with free shipping.

Pestie reviews: User Experience

So, one of the users thought I’d give Pestie a shot after watching some videos about it. The first time around, things seemed fine when the box arrived on time. But then, there was an issue with the spray. It didn’t last long, and when she used it, it sprayed back on her which was not professional. But yet she thought, okay, let’s wait and see if it actually works. Spoiler alert: it didn’t. More spiders started hanging out in her place, making things worse. What’s more, went ahead and renewed her subscription without telling her, which was a surprise for her.

Pros & Cons


Punctual Delivery

  • It is known for its punctuality in delivering pest control solutions.
  • Ensures customers receive orders promptly, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Reliable Service

  • Reliability is a standout positive aspect of its service.
  • Customers are spared the frustration of waiting for their pest control needs.

User Feedback

  • User feedback indicates that it contributes to addressing pest issues to some extent.
  • Offers a practical solution, making bugs less of a hassle for those who try it.


  • Users report that its solutions are effective in dealing with pest problems.
  • Combination of Timely Deliveries and Effectiveness
  • The combination of timely deliveries and reported effectiveness makes it a strong option.
  • Suitable for those seeking a reliable and somewhat effective pest control solution.


Automatic Renewals

  • It has a downside with surprise renewals.
  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed without prior notification.

Potential For Unexpected Charges

  •    This automatic renewal approach can catch users off guard.
  •    May result in unexpected charges, causing frustration among customers.

Spray Mechanism Design Issues

  •    The design of the spray mechanism is flagged as problematic.
  •    Short bursts and a tendency for the spray to come back at the user make it inconvenient.

User Hassle

  •    Using it is described as a bit of a hassle due to spray mechanism quirks.
  •    This aspect should be considered in evaluating the overall user experience.

Importance Of Careful Consideration

  •    Users are advised to carefully consider these aspects before choosing i.
  •    Automatic renewals and spray mechanism issues may weigh against the benefits offered.

Balancing Benefits & Drawbacks

  • It’s crucial for potential customers to weigh the benefits of it against its drawbacks.
  • Automatic renewals and spray mechanism quirks should be factored into the decision-making process.

Things To Know Before Hitting ‘Order’ On

Now, here’s the real talk. Some people say Pestie works for them, but our user experience was not great. Plus, their customer service was not up to the point. They sent something tiny to one of the users and charged her a lot and it didn’t do a thing for the spiders. Cancelling the subscription was a whole task for her . They told her to email them, so she did. But then, they told her to go back to the website to cancel. When she did that, there was no cancel option! So, more emails had to be sent which was not the smoothest ride for her.  

Final Thoughts

On the account of Pestie reviews, it could be a good choice if you’re dealing with small bug issues like ants and roaches. It’s not a bad DIY option for homeowners facing those kinds of problems. But, keep your eyes wide open. There are hitches like surprise renewals, not-so-great customer service, and a spray that might not be the bug-buster you’re hoping for. This rundown aims to help you decide if it is the bug warrior you need or if you should keep searching for the right pest-fighting sidekick.


How does Pestie work?

It uses natural ingredients like cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint in its sprays to deal with pests. Your personalised pest control products arrive at your doorstep regularly through the subscription.

Are Pestie’s deliveries punctual?

Absolutely, it  is recognized for its timely deliveries, ensuring that your pest control solutions reach you promptly without any unnecessary delays.

What’s the deal with Pestie’s spray mechanism problems?

Users have brought up concerns about how Pestie’s spray is designed, mentioning issues like short bursts and back spray, making the whole application process a bit of a hassle.

Can you easily call it quits with Pestie?

Ending things with it appears to be a bit of a challenge, with users reporting conflicting instructions and the need for email communication to sort things out.

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