There are many Roblox gamers who look online with greed to attain free Robux. Robux is a virtual currency used to buy various assets to modify their avatars, including clothes, accessories, props, etc. One such free Robux generator is Robux The main question is, are these sites legit? Do these actually provide free Robux currency? Let’s learn here.  

What Is Robux

Robux is one of the latest Robux generators that claims to provide its users free Robux. It was created on 1st February 2021. The website claims to offer a huge number of Robux in various ranges, that is, 1700, 4500, 10000 and 40000.  

How Does Robux Work?   

There’s a whole team of promoters behind the Robux generator: 

  1. The web creator delivers tasks to promoters. 
  2. The promoters offer site users various tasks to accomplish with a bait of free Robux. 
  3. When users accomplish these assigned tasks, the website creator makes money, and users receive free Robux.  

How To Obtain Free Robux From Robux  

Visit the Robux website and type your Robux username, and there you get free Robux. But on the way, you get numerous tasks which you need to accomplish.   

Steps To Get Free Robux Currency

  • Check your internet connection. Open URL Robux  
  • Its landing page requires your Roblox username.  
  • The adjacent box needs you to select your Robux.  
  • Click on continue and let it verify your account.  
  • Next, the website confirms whether the account belongs to you or not. Choose ‘yes.’  The generator links your account with the Roblox servers.  
  • After establishing the connection, you will see a page with Roblox verification.  
  • Then appears a page showing three tasks that need to be completed to attain free Robux.  
  • After successfully completing tasks, the Robux will be transferred to your Roblox account.  

Is Robux Legit?  

  • Robux is a new website and needs to prove its legitimacy.   
  • Many users from the United States and surrounding areas claim that they completed all the three assigned tasks shown on the screen but still didn’t get any free Robux.  
  • There are no such reviews and evidence to prove the site’s claim of providing free Robux. In fact, the site asks you to download various unknown applications on your device, which is risky for both your personal data and device.   
  • It needs your username in the process and then keeps on spamming it.  
  • There’s no relevancy discovered between this site and Roblox developers.  


There are many websites that claim to provide free Robux currency for Roblox gamers. One such is Robux It requires you to sign in with your Roblox username. Then it gives certain tasks and promises to give free Robux once you accomplish the assigned tasks. However, many site users revealed that it makes a free promise, and even beyond completing the assigned tasks, they get no free Robux. The tasks include downloading unknown apps and users’ personal data. It is revealed that it spams the ids and usernames shared by users. Also, installing unknown apps is harmful and risky for the data and device. So, beware before using any such newly established site. Additionally, no official data and reviews are present on the site or anywhere else.   

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