Maintaining hygiene of the body is really essential, but it possesses big bafflement when it comes to cleaning tiny and confiscated body parts like ears. We often tend to use cotton balls or earbuds to solve the issue, which usually ends with inaccurate cleaning. Improper usage of these things can even harm and cause injuries. Dirty cloth or cotton that most of us use has a risk of developing fungal infection or inflammation in sensitive body parts like ears.

Why Are Cotton Swabs & Tissues Not Good For Our Ears?

We indulge in so many methods to clean our ears like fingering, using cotton swabs, clothes, and tissues. Some people even insert pencils, metal keys, or pen caps for cleaning purposes and enjoy the sensation produced afterward. Although using these feels good, it can irritate your ears really badly. It can cause ear pain, itching, buzzing in the ear, or even defects in hearing. 

The most illogical thing is that cotton swabs or cloth don’t remove the dirt from the ears. Instead, it pushes it inside the ear canal, where this wax is synthesized. It piles up the dirt and slowly leads to the formation of stone-like dirt, which requires medical diagnosis for the treatment. Also, constant insertion of such commodities can lead to holes and perforation, through which germs and dirt can easily enter and cause infections in the eardrum. Even if you use a tissue that gets scattered, it can get into your ear canal and harm the eardrum. 

Thus using such harmful equipment can be very harmful and destructive and can disrupt your hearing sense. The question which arises here is how to cleanse our ears then, right? Don’t worry. There’s a solution to every problem, just like Tvidlers to this one. Let’s study Tvidler in detail.

Tvidler Wax Cleaner

Tvidler is an effective and safe wax cleaner that functions to clean any kind of dust particles from the ears. It reduces the excessive wax and prevents clogging in the ear. It involves no risk of harm to your eardrums. 

Unlike other ear wax cleaners, It does not push the earwax into your ear canals but picks it out and cleans your ears without causing any discomfort or pain. It gathers the dirt, picks the dirt, and wax on its tip. Then it holds the collected dirt with its silicon tip. Simultaneously, it clears dried ear wax from the walls of your ear canal in the cleanest way.

Features Of Tvidler

Tvidler is not a very simple product that has great functions and features. It is sleek and lightweight, which aids its effective operation. It is made of high-quality and long-lasting materials. It has special spiral silicon tips built to extract the wax from the ears easily and safely. Its tip inserts easily into the ear. It is easy to use and is Soft and ear-friendly. Its silicon tip prevents wax buildup. Tvidler is safe to use compared to any other stuff you use. It is durable and reusable. Tinder is very easy to handle. It can be washed and used again, so it is economical too. Mainly, it reduces the risk of any exposure to infections. Tvidler is made with materials of high quality and hence has fewer chances of injury or harm. Tvidler is available in white and gray colors.

Some Other Features Of Tvidler

  • 2-year warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Durable
  • Friendly- customer services
  • Effective ear cleanser
  • Safer than other alternative ear cleansers 

Price Of The Tvidler Cleaner

One Tvidler cleaner sells for $29.95, whereas two Tvidler cleaners cost $44.96, and three Tvidler wax cleaners come at $65.94. You can buy four Tvidler cleaners for $79.96. 

Using Tvidler

Tvidler is very convenient to use. You just have to insert it in your ear accurately so that it fits its tip. Turn it either clockwise or anticlockwise and use its tip along the ear walls, canals, and outer layers to clean properly. During this, the tvidler extracts and accumulates the dirt by storing it in its silicon tip. Practice this for 5 minutes and not more than that. Pull the Tvidler out very gently, and you will be left with a well-cleansed ear.

It seems very easy to insert a Tvidler and you are done, but you need to play your part accurately. If you have got any ear injury or surgery done, be very careful and avoid using Tvidler. Do not insert Tvidler tips in your nostrils or anywhere else for fun, as it’s made according to the suitability of ears. However, the tvidler has a very soft silicon tip but still be cautious and don’t dig it too deep in your ears. It is not pet-friendly, so in the case of animals, there’s no certainty from the product and its manufacturers. Also, don’t use Tvidler if you have ear pain, drainage, allergy, or any infection. 

Advantages Of Using Tvidler

Tvidler is very easy to use and a safe alternative for maintaining the hygiene of your ears. It is made of fine-quality materials considering that it offers no side effects. S, it has multiple benefits like-

  • Better than cotton swabs
  • Soft and safe to use
  • It prevents ear clogging
  • Prevents ear perforation
  • Cost-effective
  • Reusable 
  • Washable product
  • Prevents irritation
  • No side effects
  • Do not break easily
  • Long-lasting
  • Cleanses ears properly
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Economical
  • It can be used by both adults and kids
  • Tight grip
  • 2-year consumer warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Durable

Tvidler Reviews

Most of its reviews are very optimistic. Many people feel it is the most suitable tool for cleaning ears and works quite efficiently as per its claims. At the same time, many others shifted to it from regular cotton swabs and clothes which they used earlier. Some Tvidler users revealed the need to use it properly. Otherwise, it can hurt.

A user also reported her experience where she received a broken Tvidler, and then the improvised friendly customer services motivated her to get an exchange that was free of hassles, unlike many other online shopping websites.

Final Words

Tvidler is a simple-to-use and affordable tool to clean the dirt from your ears. It works by extracting and accumulating the wax or any kind of hair particles from the ear and holding it on its tip. It also clears dried ear wax from the insides of your ears in the cleanest way. Also, Tvidler is easy to maintain. It functions simply like a cotton swab but is a much better, safer, and well-crafted ear cleanser. 

The only two limitations with the product are that it can be ordered online only through the manufacturer’s website and doesn’t retail in any offline store. 

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