Is your business struggling to compete with the bigger brands? This is always an issue for small companies as it is hard to compete against bigger, more established brands that have the money, resources, and brand awareness to dominate the industry. While it will always be a challenge, there are actually a few highly effective strategies to try, which should help you to start competing at a higher level and see customers move away from the bigger brands and to your company. Once you start to attract more customers, it is then a snowball effect, and it will become much easier to start attracting even more customers. Read on to find out the best strategies to try.

Identify The Flaws & Weaknesses Of Larger Brands

A good place to start is with a detailed competitor analysis. You need to find out as much infor-mation as you can about these bigger brands, including any flaws and weaknesses that they have, which you could exploit. Hopefully, you will be able to identify a gap in the market to fill, which would immediately allow you to start attracting new customers to your brand.

Start A Referral Program

There is one key reason why smaller brands struggle: people are not aware of them. You can solve this issue by starting a referral program, which will work as a form of word-of-mouth marketing, and see your existing customers do all of the legwork in bringing in new customers to your business.


Following on from this, another highly effective and rapid way to increase brand awareness is through PPC. SEO is certainly worthwhile and important, but it can take a long time for results to show, unlike PPC, where you will immediately increase visibility as soon as the ads go live. You will want to use a PPC specialist like for the best results. This should help you to start increasing traffic to your company website and boost brand awareness straight away.

Embrace Social Media

Another great way to attract more attention online and to compete with the bigger brands online is social media. Small businesses that know how to use social media effectively can develop a large fol-lowing, and their followers will enjoy engaging with them online, so you need to think about your target customer and the best ways to use this platform. The key is to be active and engage with your target customer without posting too much and/or being overly promotional.

Focus On Customer Service

Small businesses often rely on their customer service as this can be an area where bigger brands struggle once they have lots of clients and customers to deal with at once. Consumers will always be attracted to brands that make them feel special, so small touches like handwritten thank you notes can be highly effective and encourage people to recommend you to their friends and family.

Combining a few of these strategies should help your small business to start competing at a much higher level and attract customers away from the competition and to your brand.

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