When you imagine a log home, you probably think of tiny cabins. Isn’t it?

But, today where things are getting advanced, the log home structure has also reached to an updated version of itself. It is now more about a luxury experience than exiled recluses or just weekend camps and trips. They can be classy, rustic, and comfortable having all the facilities of contemporary living.

Here we have assembled the top five trends in log home living:

1. Maximizing Reduced Space

“The bigger is, the better” trend is seeing on the downturn among many home architects. Whether it’s to bring a lifestyle change in terms of costs or want to live in the lap of nature, people are more likely to shift to log homes. And the trends of log home designs are more seeking to reduce the square footage and increasing the usage of small space, for instance, open floor plans.

People realize that they are still a chance to live a luxurious life in a smaller space. This trend is getting popular among many named as the tiny log cabin movement. Further, you can give your home a personal touch with log home kits that are not only reliable but also give your home a unique character.

2. Statement Front Doors

The cabinet doors are the first thing that your guest confront; it should be impressive and eye-catchy. You surely have put a lot of efforts in the overall design of your log home, but choosing a dull front door can ruin everything.

The front door enhances the overall look of the entire home. It helps set the mood of your house. While it is commonly chosen to emphasize the aesthetics of a log home, some contrasting designs also serve great.

3. Modern Room Designs

Most of us think that a well-designed room is an easy fit for our log homes. However, it occupies significant space on the total floor layout of a log cabin. Moreover, with such a big space in a room, good planning is very important to use every corner in the right way.

For instance, you can create different zones like placing dinning at one rug and your couch on another rug. This way, you can create the feel of a separate entertaining and dining area while maintaining the liveliness of a great room.

4. Green Log Homes

Lately, passive house design has become popular in building discussions. It is specifically designed that need minimum energy input for cooling and heating. While some latest techniques are being used widely, such as heat recovery ventilators and geothermal heat pumps, many of them have a long history in building homes.

When building a log home, consider a more rectangular home than a rambling ranch home. A bonus: this type of home is more efficient and takes less building material, which is budget-friendly. Another thing is to use deciduous trees around your log home area. The direction of the tree helps to maintain the temperature in different weather situations.

5. Eco-Friendly Systems

Log home fanatics are also nature lovers. Builders also use reclaimed and dead tree lumber in the log home construction, while keeping the mind the longevity. There is an increase in using solar panels to save into the sun’s natural energy, which helps power the homes.

Log homes after properly constructed, are vividly more energy efficient than regular homes. These homes also comprise of rainwater collection systems to supplement water supply.

These are the top five trends of log home construction that homeowners are embracing and living a wonderful and peaceful life in nature’s lap!

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