Squam lake is the beautiful small dab in the mid of New Hampshire, to the few miles to the Northwest of Lake Winnipesaukee. It’s a magical yet a natural spot that became popular from the movie “On Golden Pond,” which was produced in 1981. From the past many years, nothing has changed from the lake, it’s as busy and quite as it was many years back.

However, don’t think that there’s nothing exciting you can do near the lake. From hiking to skiing, kayaking, boating, loon watching, hunting, horseback riding, there are lots of things you can do.  Besides, it’s also home to bald eagles, nesting loons, and many other creatures.

Where To Stay

You can stay at Rockywold Deephaven Camps or can look for squam lake cottage rentals which has lodge rooms, cabins, and private rooms. You can also book a stay at timber-beam lodge with lake view, fireplaces, and docks. You will be served with a hearty, buffet-style meal in an ancient, post-and-beam hall with an impressive lake view.

Here are a few things you can do near Squam Lake:

Visiting Natural Science Center

If you want to get close to the wildlife of the Lake Region, make a visit to Squam Lake Natural Science Center.  To get to the lake, you need to cross four nature paths and have to pass amidst woods. The main highlight of this science center is Gephart Trail, which is the leading, trusted and is also the home of creatures like a bald eagle, mountain lions, bobcats, fishers, and more. Just keep in mind that the last entry to the trail is at 3:30 pm.

Diy-ears can easily rent a Paddleboard and kayaks from the Squam Lake Association. Also, there are various local marinas that provide powerboat on rent. Landlubbers can also enjoy hiking trail at the Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial Forest, which has a four-mile trail, a boardwalk to the swamps and mile off

Take A Meal To Walter Basin

Lake trippers often dock their boats at the Walter Basin and come here for a good meal. Situated near the bridge of the Squam Lake, this restaurant features mouth-watering dishes like elf meatloaf, pan-fried haddock, lobster macaroni, cheese, grilled steak tip sandwiches and more. Beer lovers can also enjoy craft beer at the Basshole lounge.

Squam Lake Marketplace

Squam Lake marketplace welcomes locals and visitors to enjoy fun things like food shows, trade shows as well as tastings. They serve delicious breakfasts, homemade fudges, lunch sandwiches, and more. You can also enjoy wines, marinated meats, chilling beer, veggies, pasta salads, and more. If you are here in the morning, the experts made latte, and the homemade baked delicious food awaits.

Cruise Lake Winnipesaukee

M/S has always been a tourist attraction for many years. Get over the cruise and enjoy shopping at 230 feet and piles the 21-mile long Lake Winnipesaukee anytime.

Learn More About The Loons

Learn about these cute little striped and polka dot loons when in the loon center. Loons carry their kids in the back and communicate through the fluid. At the Audubon center, you will get to know about these endangered species. And since its population is declining because of excessive pollution and recreation, the loon center has non lead fishing rod to catch fish.

Make A Stop At 1781 Country Store

If you want to buy anything antique, the Country Store is the place where you can visit. This store sells everything from S’mores kits to Yankee Candles, Family Crest mugs, Cat Lady Action Figures, and more.

If you are visiting Squam lake in the near future, keep the above places in your list and enjoy your stay.

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