Established in the late 1870s, Ouray is a wonderful place to relax. Situated in a river valley and surrounded by snow-capped San Juan Mountain, people call Ouray, “Switzerland of America.”

The sky-scraping mountain peaks, spectacular views, brilliant greenery, etc. are some of the things that draw tourist attraction.

Besides this, there are some fun things to do here. Let’s get started:

1. Explore The Hot Springs Of Ouray

Located on the north end of the town, Ouray hot springs feature three large pools that are open year round. Ranging from 88 degrees to 105 degrees temperature, these sulfur-free hot-water springs are the steamy part of Ouray.

After an exhilarating adventure, soaking in hot water pools and watching the snow-covered canyon walls in winters is a restorative experience. Besides, many of the Ouray lodging facilities allow the guests to enjoy the private hot springs during their hotel stay.

2. Hike To Box Canyon Waterfall And Park

Ouray’s natural wonder formed when the rushing waters of Canyon Creek eroded a deep, narrow box canyon through limestone is a spectacular sight. The short trails of the park are easily accessible from the south-west part of the town. You’ll be silenced by the roaring water and beauty of the surrounding forests.

Make sure to walk through the visitor center and enjoy the interpretive exhibits about wildlife, rare plant life, geology, and history of the area. You can take a short yet steep hike to the High Bridge Trail over the waterfalls to enjoy the beautiful views of Ouray.

3. Take A Scenic Drive To San Juan Skyway

Traveling through the dazzling multihued mountains and historic towns, Colorado’s San Juan Skyway is an essential journey for the trippers. Elevated at the height of 8,000feets, the town offers stunning views with snow-capped hills.

You can take a historic train ride via a steam locomotive running between Durango and Silverton. The train takes you through the mountains, with scenic views of rivers, and makes a play stop at Cascade Canyon. Along the way, there is a mining camp turned tourist destination at Telluride. It features Telluride Historical Museum that offers self-guided tours.

4. Explore The Climbing Routes At Ouray Ice Park

If you want to give ice-climbing or watch other climbers, head to the Ouray Ice Park. There are hundreds of climbing routes, tiny towns here that come alive when covered with snow and ice. Though it is free to climb there, the activity is best left to the expert climbers.

Ouray Ice Festival is another attraction that takes place in January. The event draws top climbers from all over the world and provides an exciting view.

5. Try Jeep Off-Roading

Off-roading is quite a popular activity among visitors as well as locals of Ouray. There are local guide companies that would take you out into the rugged wilderness, and explore the area on four wheels.

You can either bring your own vehicle or hire a ride to try the experience. Half-day and full-day jeep tours are available that often travel to Black bear pass and Imogene

6. Don’t Forget To Try Mouse’s Chocolates

After basking into the visual delights of Ouray, Mouse’s Chocolate at 520 Main Street is a must-visit for you. Besides toffee and coffee, the Mouse’s confectioners make truffles, nut clusters, almond bark, caramel, and their exclusive variety of cookies.

Apart from this, Downtown Ouray has many restaurants and shops to check out. From touristy t-shirt shops to high-end art galleries, you can find everything out there.


Undoubtedly, there are so many things explore in and around the mountain town of Ouray. Historic buildings, unique artisan galleries, breathtaking views, delicious food, etc. are some of the things that keep visitors coming back.

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