Looking after your health is important, and no one should avoid seeking medical attention if they need it. A lot of people put off making a doctor’s appointment because they don’t want to make a fuss, feel as though they are wasting their time, or perhaps are worried about what the doctor will say. You should always visit your doctor if you’re concerned over your health, if for nothing more than to get some peace of mind that everything is OK. However, it’s important not to worry over every little thing, so, here are some circumstances where you should certainly get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

Persistent Symptoms

Having a cough, sore throat, headaches or stomach aches are all mild symptoms that are often caused by harmless issues, such as indigestion, eye strain, or a common cold. Usually, you will get over these within a week or two, if not sooner. It’s when these symptoms persist beyond this time-frame that they should be cause for concern. If you have been feeling under-the-weather for longer than a couple of weeks, make an appointment with your doctor to get yourself checked.

Holistic Methods Don’t Work

Some people don’t want to rely on mainstream medicine to treat their ailments, and often changes in lifestyle or herbal remedies can work to resolve your issues. However, if these practices aren’t making a difference to how you’re feeling, or the problem gets worse despite these remedies, you should see a doctor to find out what’s going on and to explore other treatment options that are available to you. You might require special treatment like low testosterone therapy, for example, or physio-therapy – it will all depend on what your health issue is.

Dramatic Decline Overnight

If you or a loved one’s health declines dramatically either overnight or in a short space of time, call the emergency services immediately. It could be caused by a serious illness or condition that can be treated effectively if they are seen quickly, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the hospital or call your doctor and request they make a house call as soon as possible.

You Have Noticed Irregularities

If you have started to notice changes in your health or bodily functions you should contact your doctor. Things like irregular periods, or moles on your skin changing color, or other blemishes that have appeared that look odd, misshapen, or are painful, are all examples of irregularities that should be investigated. They might resolve themselves later, but it’s worth looking into them sooner rather than later.

Severe Pain

If you are experiencing severe pain that over-the-counter painkillers won’t help, you should either contact your doctor or the emergency services for advice and treatment. Many things could be causing this intense pain, but to get it treated and for you to return to comfort, you will need medical attention.

When it comes to your health you should always make sure you’re getting the right care that you need. Don’t hesitate to contact the doctor if you’re experiencing any of the above, and consider making appointments for yearly check-ups for your peace of mind.

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