Have you faced a sudden drop in Facebook page engagement? Are you looking for ways to better engage with your fans and followers? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you six proven tips to get more Facebook likes, views, and engagement from the audience.

Upload Native Video Content

While YouTube is a great social media channel, it’s time to make a switch if you have been sharing YouTube videos on your Facebook page. According to Statista, native video is a type of content that performs best on Facebook.

Facebook native video option lets you upload videos directly to your page. If you will compare your YouTube shares to the native videos on Facebook, the latter helps you get more Facebook page likes, share, comments, and better engagement rates.

Post Content When Your Fans Are Active

Some people use Facebook all day, while others only check it in the morning or evening. Thus, if you randomly post content at any time of the day, your fans may miss out. Moreover, by the time they check the feed, your content may get buried. Therefore, posting when your fans are active is the key.

Also, every brand has its own perfect time to post on Facebook. One tactic to find the best time to post on Facebook is to look at the Facebook Page Insights. It provides you with data about when your fans are online. If you have just started your Facebook journey, you can buy Facebook likes and amp your efforts.

Engage Audience With Other Brands Too

You don’t have to restrict your Facebook efforts to your own page. Explore the platform, post to other pages, and engage with other brands. You need to be tactful, though. The other businesses also know what your page is all about. So, don’t post spam.

Just build a relationship, share valuable content, and engage with the audience. You can also think about working out an agreement to share others’ content. It will boost your organic reach, increase engagement rates, and help you get more likes on Facebook.

Post Your Best Content On The Facebook Page

If you have website content or a blog post that has received considerable traffic, post it to your page. While you may not get thousands of shares, the boosted post helps put the best content in front of your audience. People will get more engaged with your page.

This tip is especially useful if you are sharing high-quality content, for example, an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or any actionable content. You can check Google Analytics to find your most popular content.

Share Current Topics And Latest Industry News

Your fans are interested in more than just your business. There can be no better way to keep them interested than by sharing the big, latest news from the industry. This is the best way to show your fans that you want to keep them informed about the hot topics along with promoting your brand. They are likely to respond to such posts.

Pay Attention To The Post Frequency

Declining Facebook page engagement might also be due to your post frequency. If you post too little, it won’t help you establish a good identity. And, you would have to fight for space in your audience’s feed. Furthermore, if you post too often a day, a lot of your content will be missed.

Thus, you need to find just the right number of times to post on Facebook. For this, try posting a few times each day when the audience is most likely to engage.

With these handfuls of tips in mind, you can keep your audience engaged and boost your organic reach.

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