Moving into a new apartment has plenty of perks for your pet.

But even if your dog enjoys exploring his new neighborhood, it will still take him time to adjust.

Making a home somewhere new is a big switch for humans, and the same goes for pets.

So if you find your dog is uneasy in the moving process, be patient. He’s trying to acclimate to new surroundings, just like you.

As you both settle in, there are some things you can do to improve his transition.

Here are five ways you can help your pets adjust to a new apartment.

In no time at all, he’ll love being in his new home!

1. Stick To The Same Routine

Moving to a new apartment is a significant change for your pet, especially if he’s regimented.

To help your dog feel at home, stick to the same routines he’s used to:

  • Take him for walks at the same time each day
  • Stick to his regular bathroom schedule
  • Feed him on time

Following the same schedule he had before (or close to it) will comfort him.

Speaking of routines, unpacking a bunch of boxes may throw him for a loop. If possible, don’t overwhelm the space with moving boxes. Try to keep things organized, and keep his favorite belongings in the same spot.

If he can get used to his new surroundings by sticking to a schedule, he’ll adjust much faster.

2. Don’t Buy New Stuff Right Away

If you want to buy your pooch new items, like a new bed or toys, don’t do it just yet. Let him get used to his new home before introducing any other new items.

Pull out his favorite dog bed and put it in your living room. And place his toys in a spot where he can locate them.

Seeing and smelling his belongings will help him feel at ease in your new apartment.

Buying him new things that match your decor may seem like a good idea. After all, it’s a new apartment, and you want it to look stylish! But it’s better for him if you hold off for a bit.

Once he gets used to your new digs, then you can slowly start to give him some new toys.

3. Get Acquainted With The Surrounding Area

When you’re in a new area, it’s a good idea to know your way around before taking your pooch out.

The last thing you want to do is get lost with your pet when it’s bathroom or walk time!

Here are some things you should do prior to bringing your pet around the neighborhood:

Explore Your Apartment Complex

Take a stroll around the property and get to know the lay of the land. Look for grassy areas where he can do his business and places he might like sniffing. If there isn’t grass, see if there’s some within walking distance.

Plan everything out so you’ll know where to take him. He’ll be excited to mark his territory and show the other dogs at the complex who’s boss!

Find Some Parks in the Area

Is there a dog park nearby?

Who knows, there may be a rooftop dog park at your complex for your pup to explore. And there might be some furry neighbors for him to meet there, too!

If there isn’t a dog park on your property, keep your eyes peeled for parks in the area. The sooner you introduce him to some new parks, the faster he’ll feel at home.

Knowing you’re in charge will help him feel more confident in his surroundings. (Well, some dogs think they’re in charge.)

He can’t verbally thank you for your efforts, but you’ll be able to tell by the wagging of his tail that he loves his new neighborhood.

4. Keep Smells Consistent

Since dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell, try your best to keep smells consistent.

Though it’s impossible to duplicate scents from your old apartment, there are some things you can do:

If possible, hold off on buying new furniture until you’ve been there for a few weeks.

Also, bring a few dirty T-shirts or blankets from your old apartment and leave them on the floor for him to sniff. The familiarity of the scent will put him at ease.

5. Give Him Lots of Attention

It may seem simple, but a little love can go a long way.

Your pet may feel anxious about the change. Although he’ll love his new home eventually, giving your dog extra attention will help in the meantime.

Two ways to give him extra attention are cuddling with him more and taking him for more walks.

Until you’ve been there a few weeks, try not to leave him home alone for too long. He might feel scared in an unfamiliar environment.

If you do have to leave, try to limit your trip to an hour or so. You could even ask a friend (someone your dog is familiar with) to come sit with him until you return.

Pets sometimes need babying when you first move because it’s a lot for them to take in. By making him more comfortable, you’ll make him less anxious.

In Conclusion

As long as you go the extra mile to help your pet feel at home, his transition should go well.

It may take him time to adjust, so be patient while he gets used to the new apartment.

Lots of rest, toys, and cuddles should help. And of course, an extra treat or two wouldn’t hurt!

In no time at all, your pet will feel at home. There’s no doubt that when you come back after a busy day, his tail will be wagging non-stop!

He’ll be excited that you’re both home to stay.

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