Are you concerned about your office safety? Well, you should be! Office building security is as important as residential safety as the commercial building might have a plethora of expensive items and cash.

Moreover, with the development of security technology, thieves and criminals have also become creative and sophisticated.

How to improve your business security to protect yourself, your clients, and your employees?

Perhaps the most crucial thing to remember is to install safety gadgets like proper lightings, CCTV cameras, and sturdy doors and locks. This will not only help your office to stay safe and secured, but also give you a sense of relaxation at the end of the day.

Here are the top three components you need to maximize your building security:

1. Effective Lighting System

With so many burglaries we heard through print and digital media, security lightings installed in the exterior areas of your premises can act as a deterrent. It is an excellent way to make thieves feel observed. It also allows the business owner to observe anyone approaching the premises.

The kind of lighting you select depends on the location of your building; for instance, if certain areas are darker than your usual work area, you might need an effective lighting system. Once you are done with fixing the lights, make sure to follow the regular maintenance of the light fixtures to ensure security and safety.

2. Security Cameras

For offices requiring improved security, a CCTV system is one of the useful tools to monitor your building.

It’s essential to properly install cameras to achieve maximum coverage for each unit installed. For instance, locating one unit in an entryway allows you to observe every person entering and exiting through that way.

Besides being a tool for capturing all activity in your office, they also act as deterrents and thus offer to create a safe environment for your employees.

3. Strong Commercial Doors

The importance of commercial doors cannot go unsaid. These have been designed to last longer because they usually are exposed to so many people. Also, many of them have built-in specific measures and features, making it much more complicated for criminals and burglars to bypass them. While choosing one, you can check out reputable commercial door services to address every area in your office that needs better protection.

Besides the doors, door locks also play a vital role in providing extra safety. Ideally, it would be best to install grade one commercial door locks with some variation between the exterior and interior doors. By this, it means that you should consider using keypad locks for most outdoor and keyed locks for indoor purposes.

This allows you to focus on access restrictions on inside of your commercial building, and help you better guard assets such as server rooms, etc.

4. An Alarm System

An alarm is another important thing to consider about installing to improve security; it is definitely a sure-fix deterrent to thieves and burglars. They can relay emergency signals through a landline, mobile phone connection, or internet connection to a workstation, which help you to call the police to the location when needed.

Some alarm systems also obtain a multiple-way voice intercom; and once it’s set off, the intercom connect the selected employee or business owner straightaway to the workstation. This assures that even if a burglar gets into your building, police will be alerted as soon as possible.


Using these four components will significantly help you to enhance your workplace security and safety, and there is no good time to do so than just now!

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