Husky is a breed known for its strength, stamina, work ethic, friendly nature, and for its loyalty.  You might have seen them in movies and get fascinated by this wolf-like creature, maybe you find the way he gets curled cute-  husky is adorable.

They are soft, medium size dogs known for brown skin and the intelligent mind. Genetically, the husky is related to Taymyr wolf of extreme northern  Russia and Asia. And because these pets inherit the qualities of both parents, you also know them as a designer breed.


  • The general height of male husk is 21 inches to 23 inches.
  • The female height is 20 inches to 22 inches


  • The weight of male husk is 50-60 pounds
  • The female weight is 5-50 pounds
  • The basic color of Agouti husk:

While the husky is known for many colors, there are many more patterns and variations of this cute breed. Some of them are:

  • White
  • Piebald
  • Black and White
  • Silver and White
  • Saddleback
  • Sable
  • Agouti
  • Copper
  • Light red
  • Wolf Grey
  • Grey
  • Splash Pattern

What Causes Agouti Coloring Among Huskies?

Often, genetics are responsible for the color in Siberian Huskies. This gene is caused by the wild-type agouti that is associated with texture, length, and growth of hair in this pooch. Also, it has four variants –  the fawn or sable, the recessive, the tan point, or the wolf sable.

The breed also shows close resemblance to the shaded sable. Also, the agouti coat is of complex color, while the white spots on the coat might look like dark cream, you will also see light spots around the eyes, which look as they are wearing glasses.

Is Agouti Husky The Same As Any Other Husky?

Yes, the agouti husky’s are no different than other standard husky’s.  They are powered with energy, smartness, intelligence, and affection. While the resemblance of agouti looks like a wolf, this breed is known popularly for its affectionate and loving personality.

Here Are A Few Traits That Make Husky Different:

They Love Cuddles And Give Cuddles

Husky is someone who loves cuddles and greets you with love and a wagging tail. They would love to sit on your lap, snuggle around you and follow you wherever you go. So, make sure to give enough time to your husky and interact with yourself.

They Have Interesting Colored Trait

Having a benign genetic is a condition known as heterochromia, and husky is someone who has varied eye color. While this is hereditary, the color of their eyes will look graceful and impressive. They can vary in blue, brown, amber, or any combination. Also, the color of their nose depends on their coat. You can find their nose in black, tan, gray.

These Husky Is Not For Someone Who Is Owning It First Time

While huskies are very intelligent, loving, and affectionate, they are not much aggressive. However, they are territorial and are quite defensive. Also, a well trained and socialized husky do well with children and other pets.

They Amalgamate With Any Environment Easily

Husky can adapt to every environment (cold and ice) without any problem. Their thick coat is the one that protects them the most. Husky’s shed their skin two times a year, once between the autumn and winter, other between spring and summer. So, if you see your husky shedding coat apart from these seasons, take him to the vet.

Their Ability To Emit Is Unique

Husky has great vocalization ability and is a very talkative dog. They possess a great ability to emit a wide range of sounds. You can hear them howling from 15 km away.

They Are Power-Packed Pets But Get Bored

If you are a runner, a husky can be the best companion, but only during the weather, that is not too warm. Husky is power-packed; they need lots of mental and physical stimulation. And, if they don’t get, they are very destructive. Also, Siberians Huskies are loving, gentle, they do well with kids and don’t bark much, so they get bored.

Husky Are Close To Wolves

If you ever look at wolves, you know that Siberian husky is top at the list. You can see their penetrating eyes, pointed ears, and pronounced snout-like wolves.

They Can Survive In Extreme Weather Conditions

Since husky originates in Subzero climates, they can survive in extreme winter conditions. Also, their coat is thick, double, and layered inside the short undercoat, which helps them keep their body heat within. Moreover, the outer coat is water-resistant, which makes it easy for them to survive in snow and rainy weather.  Their almond-shaped keen eyes make them aware of the loose snow and strong sunlight that is reflecting off the snow.  What else? They can warp their long tails around their face for extra warmth during sleep.

They Can Be The Best Jogging Partner

If your new friend is husky, be prepared to exercise them a lot. Husky needs regular three to five miles of exercise, so whether it depends on you how you choose to swim, run, walk, or play. They are someone made to run; this is the reason they make perfect jogging partners. So, keep in mind to build your pooch’s mileage slowly so that they won’t run straight 5 miles out of the home. Their dense coat makes them feel more heat, so if you stay in warm climates, make sure to stick to the water activities.

They Are Not For Intruders

Husky’s are not watchdogs; they are very friendly unsuspicious to the strangers. While this can be charming, these behaviors are not going to help if you are looking for a dog as a watch guard. However, strangers might fear their wolf-like appearance.

How To Groom Agouti Husky

Husky sheds twice a year, especially during fall and spring. However, if you live in a warm region, you might observe hairs all year around. The undercoat helps regulating the body temperature; it cools down if there’s warm outside and vice-versa.

The husky undercoat is also the reason they don’t need much cleaning. The natural oil in the coat keeps dirt and dust at bay and also protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

An agouti can be amazing companions; they are funny, smart, loyal, and independent. So, if you are considering them, don’t get afraid of their training. They will love you unconditionally if you adore them.

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