The marketing world is evolving, leaving marketers finding new ways to reach customers and spread brand awareness.

Social Video marketing has been drawing attention in content marketing. And live streaming videos are creating buzz and sensation as one of the strongest tools to reach a large audience both for businesses and individuals. In fact, 80% of the customers like to watch live videos than reading a blog from a brand. And, 45% of the audience would pay for live or on-demand video from their favorite speaker, team or performer.

However, when it comes to live streaming videos, you must be thoughtful of showing your audience something valuable while connecting with them in a good humorous way (if applicable).

When speaking of the best live video streaming for business or personal use, there are a plethora of platforms out there. But, finding the perfect one is a lot like trying to pick your favorite toy from the toy vending machine, hoping to be successful in a go. It is rare!

Diving into tons of video streaming sites and picking the right one can be daunting, so, we’ve listed down the top five live streaming platforms. Take a look:

1. Dacast

Dacast is one of the best live streaming platforms because of its ease of use and that you stream to the cloud storage that reduces the pressure on your device space. As it is customizable, it attracts many individuals and businesses. It a great video streaming platform for beginners who are not as tech-savvy as others, but want to use live streaming. Dacast completely follows the SaaS approach and is popularly used in the business world and provide 24×7 connectivity.

It has an easy interface, features on-demand webcasting, and its flexible pricing plans make it one of the best; be it- event streaming or video streaming.

Key Features

  • Easy navigation
  • Beginner-friendly
  • flexible pricing plans
  • Real-time broadcast
  • Offers various professional tools

2. 0123movies

0123movies is a free online streaming platform that allows you to watch TV series, motion pictures, and a lot of web for free. It offers something for everyone and known for its extraordinary accumulations of films in superior quality. You don’t need to do any type of enrollment to watch motion pictures. It offers an option of selecting various languages.

Key Features

  • Easy user interface
  • HD quality content
  • Search for movies from any genre
  • Minimal ads that don’t interrupt the movie-watching experience

3. Vidizmo

Vidizmo is equipped with a remarkable all-in-one solution in the live streaming world. It serves multiple purposes including education, training, corporate communication, learning and compliance, and entertainment. The other capabilities include virtual education, Digital asset management, and digital evidence management.

Key Features

  • HD Quality Playback
  • Secure Video Delivery
  • Video Monitoring

4. Stream Monkey

Stream Monkey is on the top list when it comes to offering professional live streaming services. Its on-demand video streaming, multi-site management, and event broadcasting are specially built to suit the market requirements.

Key Features

  • 4K UHD video clarity
  • Geoblocking
  • Fully Customizable player
  • Reliability

5. Periscope

It is the free personal live streaming app that is integrated into Twitter. It is loved by users for its instinctive interface and the accumulation of all impressive stuff to watch.

Key Features

  • Video replay settings for your broadcasted videos to enjoy them later
  • Access replays for 24 hours constantly
  • You can broadcast videos to targeted niche as well as on Twitter


New technologies emerge, consumer behavior changes and marketing tactics fade with time, we need to look out new forms of building a brand presence. It’s important to pay attention to live streaming as it is accessible to everyone

We hope you can now narrow down the most favorable OVP (Online Video platform) options, so just stick to it is the future of video content that continues to grow in years to come!

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