You’ve probably heard of certain plants being medicinal for humans and animals. But did you know just having a plant in your home can improve your health?

In addition to adding a comfy, calming, and decorative touch, plants have healing properties they bring to a room.

Studies have consistently shown that keeping greenery inside your home can purify your air. This lets you reap benefits like:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Improved moods
  • Boosted immune system
  • Better focus and productivity
  • Improved skin and respiratory conditions that result from dry air

Which plants have the most health benefits? Let’s talk about it.

These seven indoor plants are considered some of the healthiest greenery you can surround yourself with:

1. Aloe Vera

There aren’t too many all-in-one plants that can help with just about every medical need you have and look nice, too. But aloe vera might be as close to the perfect plant as there is!

The only drawback is that its leaves are toxic if consumed by pets.

But, as long as you practice safe pet care, you can still enjoy the perks it offers. Since the plant does not shed leaves, it is possible to keep it up and out of reach of most animals.

Aloe can be ingested through gel and juice harvesting or used topically. The aloe vera health benefits include a wide variety of treatment, such as:

  • First aid for cuts and soothing burn relief
  • Digestive health improvement
  • Better oral hygiene when used with regular dental care
  • Reduced acne outbreaks

From smoothies and juices to face masks and burn relievers, aloe may very well be able to do it all.

2. Peace Lily

As the name implies, peace lilies are calming plants to have around. However, they are not recommended if you have cats, as they can be fatal with the smallest of ingestion. For dog owners, the peace lily is perfectly safe since it’s non-toxic to canines.

So why are peace lilies so popular? The answer is easy once you know a little about the plant.

To begin with, many experts consider it to be one of the top air purifiers in existence. For those with respiratory conditions, this is a very important factor. But, peace lilies also promote relaxing sleep by reducing stress levels.

The bonus is that this is a low-maintenance plant, making it a favorite among interior decorators!

3. Cactus Plant

If you’ve only imagined cactus plants growing in the desert and other hot, sandy places, you are missing out.

There are actually over 150 different varieties of cacti that grow all over the world. Some of them are enormous, like the stereotypical cartoon version, but others are tiny and perfect for apartment living.

These hardy plants are nearly impossible to kill. They can survive in the desert, so it’s highly probable that you can keep them alive!

With a tiny bit of effort, the benefits of the cactus plant can be yours.

The prickly-pear, or nopal, version is used in diets as a potential way to reduce blood sugar. The edible parts, which include the leaves, flowers, fruit, and stems, are turned into jam and juice or eaten whole.

If biting into something that is known for being painful isn’t your thing, you can still keep a cactus in your home for the air purifying advantages.

4. Spider Plant

No, the spider plant isn’t named for its ability to attract arachnids — it’s named for the drooping leaves that make it look like webs flowing from a spider.

You’ll find these plants in offices around the world because they are soothing and easy to keep alive. But in medical clinics, they also are chosen because they have lots of health benefits if you know what you’re looking for.

Safe for pets, the spider plant has been linked to improved illness recovery. Along with the jade plant, it has been studied for its effects on recovering hospital patients.

Because of how well they balance out the relative humidity in a room, they seem to be able to help sick and injured people get better faster.

So, if you want to keep your immune system boosted or you are sick often, a spider plant might be the answer.

5. Pachina

Better known as “money trees,” pachina plants are popular housewarming gifts. Whether you believe in their ability to attract money or not, it never hurts to try!

There is a reason these plants are in demand by even the most cynical individuals:

In feng shui, this plant is considered to bring good fortune to those who own it.

When it comes down to picking a plant for your office or other room, do you really want to pass up the chance for financial luck?

Since there is no downfall to a pachina, it’s the obvious choice. They’re difficult to kill and safe for pets. In terms of bringing good health, the pachina is a strong air purifier.

The money tree looks nice in a corner or on a desk, too. And if it brings you the winning lottery numbers or a raise, that’s a pretty nice side effect.

6. English Ivy

The beautiful English ivy plant is often chosen as interior decor for its visual appeal.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s another pretty face, though. On top of brightening up a room, it has some powerful health benefits.

Herbalists have used the English ivy flowers as medicine for centuries. It is considered to have properties that can do everything from reducing allergies to getting rid of toxins.

Ivy is a known antioxidant, antiviral, and antiarthritic ingredient. Some herbal products use it to improve the symptoms of respiratory conditions.

You can put the English Ivy leaves in your tea, apply them topically in a tincture, and turn it into a cleansing wash.

7. Boston Ferns

Ferns, like cacti, are notoriously easy to keep alive indoors and outside. They reproduce through spores and grow lusciously.

But the Boston fern has an extra claim to fame: It is reputed to be the oldest plant on the earth.

This fern can remove pollutants like formaldehyde and xylene from the air and use them as nutrients. Yes, the things that make us sick make this fern thrive.

Unless you want a yard full of ferns, it’s best to keep your plant in a hanging or decorative pot away from places that it can repopulate easily.


The more we learn about plants, the more widely they become part of the typical decor scheme.

There are so many advantages to having even one plant, and the multiple hard-to-kill varieties leave you no room for a black thumb excuse. In fact, houseplants are becoming the must-have decoration in homes around the world.

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