The New Year is a great time to start thinking about refreshing your interiors and getting ready for the months ahead. As the past year has seen some differences in how we live, refreshing your home interiors is a great way to enjoy the space more. These changes don’t have to blow your budget either, so check out some of the top home projects you can get your teeth into to update your home in 2021:

Tackle The Garage

The garage is one of those places that ends up full to the brim with everything you haven’t thrown out. What’s more, if you can’t fit the car in there, it’s really time to rethink the use of the space. Garages can be a great place for essential storage, but it can quickly get overwhelming. So, to get a handle on the mess in there, make it your mission this holiday season to have a clear-out. If you don’t know where to start, organize everything into piles, including items you want to keep, throw out, or give to charity.

Repaint Your Rooms

Refreshing the paint in rooms can offer a subtle lift to your interior spaces. You can opt for a completely different color or stick to your original shade to keep it simple. Another idea is to use wall stencils for a unique look. There are many different designs available, and this adds a focal point to any room.

Bring The Outside In

During the colder months, we’re not sitting outside and enjoying our garden spaces as much. However, if you’re missing the greenery, why not bring it indoors. Plants for the home are a great way to brighten up the space and don’t cost too much to make your home look vibrant and fresh. Many houseplants are hardy, even during the winter months, so there are plenty of options, from small decorative succulents to larger plants.

Organize Your Storage

We’re all guilty of putting things in cupboards and boxes and forgetting about them. If you have spaces around your home with this type of storage, then it’s the perfect time to organize it all and declutter. The holiday season is the ideal time to have a rethink of your storage options as it also makes room for all the new gifts you receive over the festive period. Just like the garage, put everything into piles of what you want to keep or throw out. The kids can get involved by sorting their toys and games.

Get The Garden Ready For Spring

When we’re not using our outside spaces, they are low down on the to-do list until the weather gets better. However, if you want your garden ready to go when spring arrives, tackle some of the main areas in the New Year. Take a look at plants and flowers you can plant now, ready to bloom, and clear gutters and pathways so you don’t have any dirt and grime build up over the winter months.

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