Sometimes, accidents happen when they are least expected. You may not feel the impact of a car accident right after, but the later pain and suffering can really affect your daily life. Of course, sometimes the pain from a car crash is terrible and something you feel right away.

One of the most common car accident injuries is back injuries. Researchers say that between 240,000 and 337,000 people are currently living with SCI (spinal cord injury) in the United States, and vehicle accidents are the number one cause. The intensity of back injuries from a car accident can range from mild discomfort to severe pain, forcing victims to seek medical attention to go back to normal health.

Often, full recovery takes time and victims are left dealing with ongoing pain, stress, lost income, and high medical costs for months or even years after their accident. You don’t need to cope with these costs if the car accident occurred because of someone else’s negligence. You need to hire a qualified personal injury attorney to help you build a strong insurance claim.

Continue reading to find out things you should do if you are suffering from back injuries as a result of a car accident.

1. Get Medical Attention

No matter how little your back pain is, you need to get checked by a doctor right away. In many cases, people don’t feel the pain initially, but it becomes worse gradually. Back pain after an auto accident is common, and it could be a sign of herniated disc, soft tissue injury, or spinal injury.

Consulting a doctor soon after an accident will help you get the right treatment if the pain increases or doesn’t appear until later on. Immediate medical care is also important, as insurance companies can state that some other activities cause your injuries and having a valid medical record soon after the accident can save you from this.

2. Record Details & Evidence

Collect the best evidence from the accident scene, including:

Police Report: The Police will investigate the cause of an accident and prepare a report. This report is strong evidence that will help you in your case.

Witnesses’ Information: Try to speak with people who are eyewitnesses of the accident scene and can help you in your car accident settlement case. Get their statements and contact information. They might have evidence of other driver’s fault and might hear Statements like, “I was on my cell phone” or “it was my fault,” etc.

Pictures and Video: Take accident scene pictures and videos as they tell the story of how the accident happened. The more evidence you have, the better. Photos can even increase the financial value and credibility of your claim.

3. Gather Other Evidence

Medical Records: Your medical records make up a significant portion of your car accident settlement. Request copies of your medical records from your doctor, emergency responders, diagnostic centers, etc.

Additional Notes: Make notes of the accident, explaining everything from the start and how it happened and about your daily pain and suffering.

This is important as it shows how your injuries impact your daily life.

4. Get Legal Help

Claims for any injuries, including back injuries, can be handled with the other driver’s insurance company.

Your compensation will include reasonable medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost wages. If you don’t respond to filing a lawsuit within the right time, you will not get the compensation, no matter how severe your pain is. So, talk to an attorney to protect your claim.

Insurance companies are notorious in offering lower settlements to the victims who are not represented by a lawyer. They know that you probably won’t have the energy to fight them after they have decided their “final” offer. Personal injury lawyers have years of experience in handling all sorts of cases and personal injury claims. They will work with you to collect the necessary evidence to support your claim.

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