Motivation is something that moves us to act in a certain way at a specific time. In the business world, it is one of the reasons that drives us to choose a product or a service. Beyond basic needs, the motivations for making a purchase are very varied and range from joining a certain fashion, through issues of self-esteem or desire, to the desire to belong to a group, among many, many others.

How To Motivate A Customer To Buy More

The important thing in this case is to keep in mind that a motivated customer buys more. Here are some simple and effective techniques so that you can use motivation to grow the sales of your online store.

1. Analyse What Your Customers Want

Every purchase decision is driven by a need. Your task should be to know your audience, find out what are the reasons why they already bought certain products, what problems they seem to have, what changes they would be willing to make. Dive into social media, set up surveys, explore ways to meet those needs. Once you have that information, create communications that convey why your products or services are ideal to cover these pain points. You can use creative advertising campaigns aimed at each particular audience segment or design different strategies within your social networks.

2. Offer Them Satisfaction

With the information obtained from the previous technique, you can also detect what factors your customers consider as “positive”. On that basis, the promises related to what your products or services provide should match those satisfaction points. You would have to get answers to questions such as what requirements the product must unfailingly have, what characteristics of what you offer are the most valued or what your consumers consider an “ideal product”. Offer them deals and attractive offers. Walmart already offers this with a Walmart plus discount online. If it works for you and it’s something you enjoy, then probably customers will too.

3. Be Honest & With Integrity

A user who experienced that they were given less than what they were offered, or something different, hardly feels the urge to buy again in the online store. In other words, he or she is demotivated. Support all your products with relevant content in front of the customer’s eyes, but always with the truth. Many experts say that the willingness to help you really is the main trigger to motivate you to buy more.

4. Take Away The Fears

Many times, the purchase decision is associated with certain fears that arise on the part of buyers, who focus on the fact that they are about to spend money on something that may not solve their problems.

Frustrating past experiences result in negative decisions. Still, you can motivate a customer and transform that energy into a positive if you can discover what is preventing the purchase and how to eliminate those concerns. Therefore, it is essential that the conversion process is simple: the purchase must be direct and clear, without complications or hidden conditions; the attention, always personalized and the response, fast. Your online store has to provide all the information about your business and products. And you should always offer the highest levels of convenience possible: availability, various shipping methods, and flexibility with payment methods.

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