These days most of the users around the world are opting for recreational and psychedelic supplements to fight anxiety, depression, and many other ailments. That’s because of their minimal or no side effects. Another reason behind such a shift is that psychedelics like magic or psilocybin mushrooms produce a blissful experience for a user.

Psilocybin is an active ingredient found in magic mushrooms that is responsible for the significant effects that users experience. The ingredient binds and communicates with the serotonin receptors of the brain to provide a sense of euphoria. Moreover, it makes you experience the unfamiliar you. This fungal drug has been a part of traditional and religious practices that are centuries old. With such a rich history, people believe that the active ingredient of the drug helps them form colored patterns amid the brain, which in turn boosts the level of creativity and openness.

One of the reasons why people consume this drug is because of its profound effects that make them accept their environment with much ease. Shroom users tend to get in line with such effects to open themselves up spiritually as well. However, to discuss more on how psilocybin Canada works, let’s do a quick rundown of some of the health benefits of psilocybin mushrooms.

1. Psilocybin Mushrooms Promote The Growth Of Neurons

Memorizing experiences, learning, and relearning are some of the factors that keep our mental health in line. But, if your body experiences the deterioration of the growth of brain cells, your psychological and mental health might go through a significant decline. However, magical mushrooms can help stimulate the growth of brain cells.

One of the studies done on mice examined the impact of these psychedelic mushrooms. It was found that the active ingredient present in the drug made the mice fight their fears and promoted the stimulation of their brain’s neuron growth. The results also showed that neuroplasticity had a massive role in determining the increasing level of fear-extinction amongst the mice.

2. Psilocybin Mushrooms Promote Openness

One of the most critical factors that help people learn is the level of their openness. But, more often, we close our systems down after suffering from specific experiences and accidents. Such a process makes us disconnect from every possible thing around us, be it people, environment, or religion.

But, if you are planning to incorporate Psilocybin mushrooms into your lifestyle, you can fight this problem. A study conducted by the journal of psychopharmacology stated that more than thirty out of fifty participants came out with a feeling of acceptance. While their levels of openness increased considerably, they also felt mystical experiences.

As a result, the active ingredient of this spore-looking fungus helped in making the users feel light and connected to their surroundings. Moreover, the drug also aids in boosting creativity levels, which is directly proportionate to openness levels.

3. Psilocybin Mushrooms Help In Fighting Anxiety

In the modern age, many people suffer from depression through overthinking and anxiousness. This plays a huge part in making people turn towards alternative medication, as such ways do not produce any harmful side effects. The present active ingredient found in over 200 forms of mushrooms can help in alleviating anxiety symptoms.

Magic mushrooms, however, interact with the serotonin receptors of the brain that are responsible for modulating emotions. Such interaction and process promote positive ways of thinking and alleviate anxiety and depression in the process. Since overthinking gives rise to anxiety and depression symptoms, this psychedelic drug helps in keeping them at bay by creating a neurological change that can last for up to a year.

4. Psilocybin Mushrooms Help In Grounding Ego & Increasing Creativity

Ego plays a significant role when it comes to acceptance. The self-attitude of an individual leads to missing out on opportunities and new experiences. This further results in adapting negative patterns, which, in a way, leaves a massive impact on the way people think and work.

Psilocybin mushrooms, however, helps in grounding the ego, which is responsible for such harmful patterns. In the same process, it also increases your creativity. A study confirms that this psychedelic drug can enable the death of self-ego in positive ways, providing new ways to connect and express personally and spiritually.

5. Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Help With Addiction

Human beings are habitual in aiding in substance abuse and addiction that builds negative patterns in the entire process. These patterns allow the addicts to consume substances like nicotine, alcohol, and cocaine religiously. With the help of psilocybin mushrooms, one can create a dissection to hinder addictive patterns.

A study confirms that the active ingredient present in the psychedelic drug can fight addiction and various substance disorders. Such a process produces a sense of mental plasticity, which helps an addict come out of his unhealthy-addict patterns.


Magic or psilocybin mushrooms are more than an object of producing euphoria. While recreational users would refer to its psychedelic effects, the remaining ones would refer to its medicinal properties and spiritual gain. As there are several health benefits of consuming psilocybin mushrooms, you should not forget the recommended amount of dosage. That’s because the effects of consuming such a drug can last up to a year or maybe more.

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