Times change, digital marketing advances, but one thing remains the same. Email marketing. No matter how fiercely its opponents claim that less than 5% of people receiving promotional emails actually read them, email marketing is still capable of boosting sales volumes. Moreover, it is still one of the most effective tools for targeting the right people at the right time.

Every marketing tool tends to maximize revenue and email marketing is no exception. Moreover, it even has its own trends that can be handy in fulfilling this goal. Thus, let’s discuss several of the most useful email marketing tricks that work perfectly for now:

AI for Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a powerful stand when it comes to content writing. Even though it is still impossible to replicate human creativity and emotion when writing narrative texts or blog posts, this technology is quite useful for the creation of informative letters or promotional materials.

However, if you still tend to use traditional means, a great variety of writing services is always there to help with analytical essay writing, booklet creation, digital marketing material development, etc.

Text-Only Emails

Despite people generally love creative visuals and engaging graphics, the latest trends in email marketing prove that those who actually read emails do not want them to be too much graphically designed. Thus, if you include pictures, make sure their downloading speed is fast because otherwise, your email risks being thrown into a bin.

Give your preference to small texts. Do not bombard your audience with detailed graphics. Make it simple and text-only for your customers to grab the information rather than guess it.


Nothing is more engaging for your audience than seeing a person or people behind the business. No matter how interactive and graphic your content is, you need to include storytelling to grab your readers’ attention. When it comes to emails, it is harder to use it because of the word count limits. However, such efforts usually pay off in greater sales volumes and customer loyalty.

It is better to start your email with a catchy greeting or a subject line that would make them want to read the entire text. Such writing is an art, but it really pays off in terms of revenue.


If you know your customer’s name, title or other unique information, do not hesitate to include it in your email. It has already been proven that the more personalized the content is, the higher are the chances that your customers will read it. Moreover, personalized content allows for better reach to customers, taking into account their age, profession, interests, etc.

Try to group your customers by personality rather than behavior. You will notice surprising results.

Automation & Segmentation

When your business has 30 customers, sending each of them one email twice a week is not a big deal. However, if you have thousands of customers, targeting them with emails manually becomes harder.

To avoid this problem, lots of various tools are available on the Internet, allowing you to automate the email sending. All you need to do is to download the soft, pay for a subscription if needed, and find out how to use its functions to the fullest. Such programs usually collect customer data that allow creating different marketing campaigns for diversified customers.

Autoresponder & Email Workflows

An auto-responding tool will help you build a much better and more reliable connection with every customer. It will monitor their activity on your website and generate responses that would match them. For example, if you are hesitating whether your company should create a toothbrush or other product campaign, everyone who was interested in a particular product will be automatically informed.

In other words, such tools will spy on every visitor and customer. You have to create email workflows dedicated to increasing your conversion and retention rates.

Mobile Optimization

Your business will definitely profit more if you create mobile-optimized emails. Most customers read such emails on the fly. That means you have to make your campaign absolutely mobile-friendly. Mobile optimization is getting even more important, given the fact that over 73% of Gmail users (900 million accounts) viewed their emails over mobile devices rather than PC screens.

Wrapping It Up

Even taking into account that the trust in email marketing is hard to explain, the fact that it has resisted the threat of social media proves that it is still one of the most useful marketing tools. It has its own trends that mark its development and advancement. Moreover, the current generation of marketers admits that email marketing adds long term value to the business.

Therefore, if you hesitate whether to invest in email marketing or not, that should be done immediately. Emails are powerful in converting visitors into customers and retaining existing clients when they are informative and interactive.

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