There is a vast range of small upgrades that you can do in order to enhance your home, especially on a budget. We know that your home is where you spend most of your time (and work), which is why it’s important that it features styles and designs that you love, that reflect your personality, your passions and so much more. Your home will essentially consist of mini projects for yourself to upgrade, improve and develop and this is ideal for making a home truly your own. Updating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why we’ve compiled a list below to show you small home improvements that can make the biggest difference to your home and in the world of interior design.

So, get ready to tackle these small tasks head on – there’s no excuse for you to not do them now!

Refresh With Paint

The easiest, least cost effective home improvement task there is. Refreshing a room with a new coat of paint makes it feel more spacious and lighter. The rule is to stick to neutral colours, as this is easily pairs with whatever style and interior you’re going for. Rose gold? Copper? Baby blue? There is a reason many people use simplistic white walls to compliment their overall design and aesthetic. You don’t need to hire a professional painter either, simply go online to look for how to guides, or watch videos on YouTube to learn from master painters and DIY specialists. If you already know which colour to paint your wall, be sure to get tester pots, and have a bit of fun with the process!

Create New Storage Space

We tend to hoard items in our homes without fully noticing, or being aware. Just like that one cupboard in the kitchen that is a designated space for plastic bags. Whether you’re a neat freak, or a ‘let’s throw it in there and leave it for now’ kind of person, creating new storage space has never been easier. The process for this task is to first of all – declutter. It’s pointless trying to create a new space to store items in when you’re still hoarding things from 30 years ago that doesn’t really add any value to you, or your home. There are many space saving storage hacks that you can use, for any room:

  • Shelves – the best creation which can be installed along the perimeter of your walls
  • Think vertically – take advantage of higher spaces

Places to take advantage of storage space:

  • Under the stairs
  • Under your bed
  • Walls
  • The ceiling

Make The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space

The time to be spending time in your garden is now. And it’s never been easier to buy cheap plants, or seeds if you’re looking to grow your fruit and vegetables! The first step to transforming your outdoor space, is to shape up! What needs doing first? The lawn (probably)? It’s time to get the mower out, and cut the lawn to give it shape and make it look and feel more tidy.

Next up, pick out your favourite plants, and get planting. To be cost effective with amazing looking plants, you should but perennials that you can divide. You don’t need to be a professional gardener, just tip the pot of the plant upside down to remove the plant out of the pot, and pull it apart into a few pieces, ensuring you have the root and it’s stalks. This way, rather than constantly buying new plants and draining your bank account, you simply repeat this process a few times and plant them in a different space in your flowerbed to grow even more beautiful plants and have a bit of colour in your garden.

Update Architrave

While a new coat of paint does the trick to freshen rooms in the home, so does repainting doors and the architrave surrounding it! Or if you’re looking to go a tiny bit further and upgrade the style, replacing your architrave is much cheaper than replacing the door altogether. You can take a look at a door architrave guide here.

Update Lighting

Good lighting really does transform a room. We all know that a dull room without good lighting, or natural sunlight, can damage the atmosphere and the overall environment. It can affect our moods, and although it’s a relatively small task it is one that gets put off the most. So, rather than investing in a skylight or rooflight that you do not have the money for,


Upcycling has become quite the trend in recent years, as it’s apparent now more than ever that we need to look after the planet and our environment. While recycling is useful, upcycling old items is even better. If you’re having a completely new renovation and you’re considering getting rid of the old style stools in the kitchen, simply re-sand them and repaint them – they’ll look completely different and you save money. It’s a win win. If you have an old TV cabinet that you need to throw out, consider whether or not you can use the wood for something else rather than having it be taken to landfill? Can you make some garden planters out of it? New shelves to add to your storage space?

Try these 6 tips if you’re looking for home improvements to do while you have the time. They’re extremely cost effective, and are easy on time too!

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