Color is a powerful thing. It can change the entire mood of a room with just the slightest shift in tone.

Introducing color to a space can make a big impact, but carving out an entire day to repaint is a lot of work. Plus, if you live in an apartment, your lease might prohibit you from painting.

Good thing repainting your walls isn’t the only way to brighten up a room!

We’re going to show you nine ways you can add color to your home without pulling out the paint cans and throwing plastic over the furniture. It’s easier than you think!

1. Start With An Area Rug

An area rug is the best place to start when you’re decorating a room.

It works as an anchor for everything else around it because it takes up so much space on the floor. If you read anything about interior design, you’ll most likely see area rugs near the top of the list, if not number one.

You can base your entire color scheme around your area rug.

Bold rugs with eye-catching colors and patterns add a stunning pop of vibrance to an area of the room you wouldn’t usually think that much about.

Who says the floor has to be a bore?

2. Hang Colorful Art

If you’re desperate to have color on your neutral walls, artwork is the way to go.

There are so many different kinds of art, it can be hard to choose what to hang up. Anything will work here as long as it has some color. How much color is really up to you.

Graphic prints are a great way to add bright, sudden pops of color. Landscapes and portraits are more subtle but no less colorful.

Different colored frames are another way to take your color scheme up a notch. Use them with black-and-white pictures to really draw eyes to whatever you decide to put on your walls.

3. Pick Out Funky Furniture

Make a statement with furniture that falls outside the norm.

You don’t usually think about bright colors when you walk into the furniture store to choose a couch or an ottoman. And maybe that’s exactly what your space has been missing all along.

Just picture an orange sofa against off-white walls. Think of bright-red dining room chairs sitting around your table. Or all different colors!

Colors in unexpected places make an even bigger impact. There’s no reason anyone should expect your armchair to be fuschia, but they definitely won’t forget that it was!

4. Find Some Colorful Curtains

Window treatments are another way to dress up your plain walls to avoid painting.

Neutral curtains are fantastic for all interior design needs, but they tend to blend into the background. That’s not always a bad thing, but it doesn’t exactly suit our needs right now.

Try deeply colored curtains that really stand out and draw the eye.

Color-blocked curtains give you the chance to incorporate more than one contrasting color. And a bold pattern gives you color that will frame your windows with a dose of elegance.

5. Bring In A Natural Touch

Furniture and accessories aren’t the only way to introduce color to your home.

Freshen things up with plants sprinkled throughout your favorite spaces. They can be large or small, many or few. Houseplants will always add a pop of green wherever they sit to bring your home to life.

If you’re looking for more variety than shades of green, flowers offer you a choice of color. And they smell great to boot!

6. Add In A Few Throw Pillows

Not sure what else to add to your living room or bedroom?

The answer is always throw pillows.

Very few things are better suited for bringing in color than throw pillows. You don’t have to hold back — they are easy to remove if you need to tighten the reins a little bit.

But you can never have too many throw pillows.

Once you pick out your accent color (or two), just keep an eye out for any pillows that match and toss them on your couch or at the top of your bed. They make things more comfortable, add color to the room, and never sacrifice style.

7. Feature A Statement Piece

Hoping to bring in some color without putting it all over the place?

What you want is a big, eye-catching statement piece.

Use something that features a pop of color as the focal point of the room. Put it wherever you want, then build your interior design around it so everything flows with ease.

It could be a big painting, a unique piece of furniture, or a brightly colored pendant light.

If you have something that really stands out, you don’t need a bunch of little pieces to go along with it. One statement piece is the perfect amount of color for any space.

8. Paint Something Else

This one involves painting, but it’s not on the walls.

We’re skipping the walls entirely and taking a look at other things you can paint to amp up the color on a smaller level.

Paint the railing going up the staircase. Use your favorite color paint on an old piece of furniture to bring it new life.

You don’t even have to paint the entire piece to make it look new again.

Paint the drawers of a dresser or console table. Add color to the recesses on the front of a cabinet. Paint the back of a bookshelf so there’s color behind whatever you put on the shelves.

It only takes a little paint to make a big difference!

9. Finish The Room With Accessories

Finishing touches aren’t just an afterthought. They’re the little things that tie the whole room together.

And they’re chock-full of colorful potential.

When you’re looking at accessories for your home, find ones that come in your accent color of choice. Then, you can put them anywhere you like for pops of color that keep things exciting.

Even if accessories are the only way you bring in color, it still makes a world of difference.

In Conclusion

Adding color to your home can be done in so many ways that don’t involve paint. Using accents to step your palette up a notch is entirely possible.

With a little creativity and a few touches here and there, it’ll feel like an entirely different space.

It’s headache-free, and if you live in an apartment, you’ll still get your security deposit back!

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