The New Hampshire Lakes Region is filled with serene views, natural beauty, and activities for all ages throughout the Summer, Spring, and Fall! Squam lake, here is the destination for you! It is situated in the northwest of Lake Winnipesaukee and south of the White Mountains.

Squam Lake is a home to fish like salmon, trout, pickerel, bass, and perch. You couldn’t ask for a better place to enjoy the time in the lap of nature, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to do than just sitting. From beautiful attractions, tons of activities to dining and relax. We have outlined the following list of things to make your stay memorable that you would want to visit over and over.

1. Hop-On To Squam Lake Cruises

The 1 ½ hour cruise tour could also be called “Behind the Scenes in the Making of On Golden Pond Tour,” or “Finding Loons Tour” as you will learn more about this beautiful lake. Squam Lake, previously called “Asquam”, means “Beautiful Water.” It is believed that squam lake’s water is pure enough to drink. The lake is compared to Lake Winnipesaukee, which is nearly six miles away, but Squam is more peaceful for sure. It’s still water looks astonishing at the end of the month of September and early October.

2. Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Encounter animals like fox, bobcats, owls, mountain lions, and many more at the Natural Science Center. It’s a rescue habitat for injured or orphaned animals that are domestic-to-New Hampshire; you can walk on a few miles outdoor trail to find myriad creatures happy and chirping around. There is a lot of signage to educate adults and kids, craft center at fantastic Kirkwood Gardens, and a sprawling playground to equate the kid’s section of the bronx zoo.

3. Go For Camping

The association serves three camping areas- two of them are on islands (campers paddle themselves over). Bowman Island has three campgrounds where two have tent platforms and a rustic cabin on rent for up to eight people. Moon Island has two campsites and tent platforms as well. In Chamberlain-Reynolds memorial Forest, the association possesses three campsites and tent platforms.

Squam Lake offers suites, cottages, and rooms that are 40 feet from the water’s edge, which means you can enjoy the beauty from your private screened porch. Cottage Place on Squam Lake includes amenities like charcoal grills, free use of rowboats, kayaks, a swim raft, and a private sandy beach.

4. Try Your Best Boating Skills

Squam Lakes Association is a nonprofit organization that conserves the lake’s natural beauty and watershed health. You will find a fleet of canoes and kayaks on rent at its resource center. The staff will help you with the boating equipment and teach you some basic boating skills. There are summer programs where you can sail, hike, fly fishing, and more.

5. From The Kitchen

An award-winning eatery is located at the Squam Lake, which is a great choice to sit in the outdoor dining veranda on summer nights filled with twinkling string lights and comfortable sitting. It offers fresh, local ingredients from their on-site garden.

Squam Lake is one of the best places to plan your vacation with your family and friends. Luxury details, sweeping lake views, private decks, and on-site dining options make this place a worthwhile vacation destination!

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