Cannabis marketing is a complicated task as the industry isn’t that old and is still illegal under federal law. In addition, various platforms have banned cannabis-related advertisements. So then, what is the correct way of cannabis marketing? It is also the central issue governing the sales for any cannabis business; especially it’s very challenging for the mint entrants in the cannabis marketing industry.  

Do you know that the global cannabis market is all set to strike $166 billion by 2025? Many cannabis companies already await the public opinion of acceptance and also for various ad platforms to change their cannabis marketing-related policies. Popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google all have certain tight restrictions for cannabis marketing, legal CBD products, and ancillary companies too, which aren’t even involved in selling or touching cannabis plants.   

There was news going around regarding Facebook loosening restrictions for cannabis marketing, but it was called off in the end. So, cannabis companies don’t only limit to advertising options but regions too. Most businesses desire to market their products locally as they operate within a specific city or state. Despite all these restrictions, such business owners need to reach a large enough audience in well-targeted geo areas to make the local appeal.  

So, this article brings you certain biggest concerns and strategies to advertise your legal cannabis products. Scroll down to know.  

Effective Strategies For Cannabis Marketing  

Usage Of Social Media  

Of course, most social media platforms have restrictions on cannabis marketing. For example, you can’t do paid advertisements for your products, but you can maintain your social media presence at least. Digital marketing gives you the most effective way to communicate with your audience. Just confine to the service terms and policies of every social media that you use and post on because every social network has different rules. Social media also gives you the opportunity to gather and share what other users post about your business and its products.  

Strong Cannabis SEO  

A strong presence on social media and efficient digital marketing can solve the hassle for you. You need to focus on your cannabis website’s ranking as most people use Google to find retail cannabis stores in local areas. It’s essential to rank high for your business’ name and related searches. You have to build authority for your website by driving traffic from various sites. Create social media pages with helpful content that can satiate the rising questions of the public.   

Local & National Compliance  

State regulations differ from one place to another. Some are strict, while others are lenient. For instance, any kind of cannabis marketing is banned in Maryland. Also, broadcasting or telecasting cannabis ads is outlawed due to federal regulations by FCC (Federal Communications Commission). So, no cannabis company can advertise on either radio or TV. This has turned them to social media to have a word with the local audience. They are running YouTube and social networking websites to communicate rather than depending on paid promotions. Many companies are publishing ads online and creating a buzz in the market. So, cannabis businesses are finding ways to communicate their messages to the masses, and maybe public opinion and federal regulations will gradually shift to permit mainstream cannabis marketing.  


Places where cannabis marketing is legal and permitted, billboards act like bread and butter for such companies. It is a simple and direct way of representing your cannabis store in front of the local people. In addition, billboards easily grab attention and make others aware of your business. But again, it isn’t permitted everywhere, so you need to be careful to abide by the state’s laws.  


Another effective way is to pair up with the other brands in the industry for cross-promotion. Simply put, it’s like a chain of retail stores marketing any new product range with a vendor in some trade show or a planned demo class. Cross-promotion can also be done by social media or email. In this way, the expenditure and marketing costs can be divided into a joint advertising campaign. So, you save money while increasing your reach.  

Online Ads  

AS you know now that no digital platform allows cannabis ads. So, you can approach publications regarding securing an ad space for you. You need to choose the best cannabis marketing agency to place ads on social media platforms by staying within the guidelines. Numerous publications allow such companies to reach and negotiate the rates for cannabis marketing and advertising. It’s mainly based on CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per thousand views). Some cannabis-friendly platforms are:

  • High Times  
  • Adistry  
  • Weedmaps  
  • Leafly  
  • Mantis, etc.  


Events are a great way of marketing to put your products upfront to the audience. Cannabis manufacturers, retailers, and vendors organize such events to generate more opportunities to increase sales and profits. In addition, many store owners and companies indulge in trade shows and demo class types events, so it’s a place for cross-promotions. The most common type of event includes booths and demo stalls.  

Word-Of-Mouth Marijuana Marketing  

Cannabis companies must invest in creating brand ambassadors for their business. Approach influential people with strong social media accounts. Such people can create excitement for your products so that people talk about them even when you are not in the room. What about installing a loyalty program for your most committed customers?   

The Bottomline  

Cannabis companies, undoubtedly, have a restricted number of choices for the marketing and advertising of their products. There exist federal regulations, state regulations, and then bans by various online platforms. Cannabis brands can overcome these hurdles with a little bit of smartness and intelligence. You have many reliable ways to approach and communicate your cannabis products and services to the local people. Though cannabis marketing is much more complicated than other companies, there are still many opportunities it can seize. If the cannabis companies make diligent use of smart strategies, then marijuana marketing can be achieved successfully, yielding fruitful results and profits.  

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