If you are new to gaming, it can seem like a daunting task to master everything and there are terms and acronyms that you might not understand. There’s so much to learn for a beginner and with that in mind, here are some of the terms used to help you gain a deeper understanding of gaming.

  • AFK: The means ‘away from keyboard’, which you might type in the chat window when you are going out of the room for a while.
  • FPS: First person shooter is a game where the player sees things from the shooter’s perspective. When playing such real-time online games, you need a top-rated gaming chair, which can be found at the online supplier’s website.
  • TPS: Third person shooter is a view from near the character, which allows you to see the character’s body.
  • GOAT: If someone calls you a goat, this is a real compliment as it stands for the Greatest Of All Time.
  • OHKO: This means One Hit Knock Out, which can occur when you destroy the enemy with a single strike! Here are a few pieces of kit every gamer needs.
  • RPG: This denotes a role-playing game, which is not the same as an FPS. These games generally require a different strategy and some players prefer this type of game.
  • Camping: In shooter games, camping is when the player waits for the enemy to come to them, rather than searching for the enemy. Players that adopt this strategy are called campers.
  • FOV: Field of view denotes what you can see; some games allow you to alter the FOV in settings.
  • NPC: Non-playable characters are randomly controlled by AI and you meet these characters during a gaming session. It should be noted that you cannot control the behaviour of NPCs, as it is predetermined.
  • Smurf: This is the name given to a very good player who creates multiple identities and takes great delight in beating beginners. A lot of gamers don’t like smurfing, as it ruins the game for the newbies and very often, they never find out they were beaten by a master player.
  • HUD: The heads up display gives the player additional information; things like health bars, ammo stacks and mini maps. This tech is used in fighter jets to give the pilot informed about the many systems deployed and, on most games, you have the option of concealing the HUD, as it can be distracting, or you might need to see more terrain on the screen. Gamers in Thailand may have to pay tax, click here for details.
  • RNG: The random number generator is an algorithm that creates events and actions, making the game more unpredictable. Indeed, many players don’t like the uncertainty that comes with RNG games, but it does add an element of surprise.

Types Of Games

  • FPS: First person shooter, TPS – Third person shooter, OTS – Over the shoulder.
  • CCG: Collectable cards games eg; Hearthstone.
  • MMO: Massively multiplayer online games that we all know and love.
  • SIM: There are many scientists that think we are actually living in a simulation and they might be right. Flight Simulator is a classic example of this kind of game, which recreates environments and scenarios for the player to encounter.

Now that you know some of the terminology, you can start by joining a few online gamer forums and start your epic gaming journey.

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