Your door is the very first thing that people see when they visit you, and it’s the first thing you see when you come home from a long day.

It should be a welcoming sight, and adding your own special touch can make it so.

There are many different ways to decorate your front door, but most are overused and old fashioned.

It can be challenging to make any part of a rented apartment feel like it’s totally yours, but your entry door shouldn’t be included in this group. All it needs is a little facelift and you’ve dubbed your door your own.

Would you like to spice up your door with some decorative flair? You’ve come to the right place!

These five creative ways to decorate your apartment door will tell all who see it that a very debonair person lives there.

1. Unexpected Vases

Flowers are like nature’s bling. You can put them anywhere and make the whole place look better. You can also put them in anything and make it work!

When you use ordinary items in an extraordinary way, you can make your front door stand out from the crowd.

Flowers, for example, are an everyday item that can have a big effect when used in a creative way.

Try using an upside-down umbrella to hold some spring blossoms for a dramatic effect. If you have it semi-closed, it will be visually similar to a vase, but if you open it up all the way and cut it in half, it’s more like a generous basket of flowers.

An alternative to this is a watering can filled with flowers. You can even tip the watering can and have flowers cascading out of the spout.

April showers bring May flowers. That’s why it’s fitting to use a rain boot as your entry door vase. It’s cute, unique, and will hold water for the flowers.

2. A Humorous Welcome Sign

If you are known for your sense of humor, display that on your front door so that people know what to expect when they enter.

There are many funny welcome signs available to purchase. Or, you can make your own.

Are you a little sarcastic? Try one that says, “Come in and stay awhile (but not too long).”

Or maybe you want a sign that says, “Welcome-ish (depending on who you are and how long you stay).”

If you like to merge your funny and your weird, try a welcome sign that says, “We’ve been waiting for you.” Just leave it as creepy as it sounds.

A sign that says, “Hold on. We probably aren’t wearing pants,” is very relevant for our current quarantine situation.

These are just a few ideas that might get your visitors chuckling before they enter your apartment. It helps to have your guests smiling from the get-go!

3. Bring Back Pop Culture

Let your love of pop culture help you greet your visitors. Does a certain movie or musician strike a chord with you? This can be shown in the decor of your entry door.

Quotes like Bob Dylan’s “Be groovy or leave man” works well for a front door.

You can also use your favorite movie quote or showcase your favorite character on your door.

Give a nod to The Wizard of Oz with Dorothy’s quote, “There’s no place like home.” This is quite fitting for any living space. It might be more fitting if there was a tornado about to destroy the words in the background.

Are you an 80s kid? You’d love a Goonies-themed mat that says, “But first you gotta do the truffle shuffle.” You and your guests can make your best attempts, and both of you can get a laugh.

When you are out, you can use Terminator’s famous phrase, “I’ll be back” with a picture of the invincible cyborg to bolster the words.

Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Check out how one homeowner decorated their door to resemble the Tardis door.

4. Hang Your Hat

Hats make great decor for your front door, and there are so many ways to use them.

You can take a straw summer hat and add flowers around the rim with flowing ribbons.

You can even change the flowers to match the season. For instance, you might use baby’s breath and ferns in the winter, multi-colored leaves for fall, and tulips in the summer.

You can bring a completely different vibe by choosing a fedora with music notes attached.

If you like a more southwestern theme, you can hang a cowboy hat with straw and sunflowers or tiny little cowboy boots.

Just don’t forget to hang some functional hooks on the inside of your door so you can hang the hat you actually wear when you come home from work!

5. Decorate Around The Door

Most people decorate the front of the door itself. Why don’t you really throw your guests for a loop and decorate an area around the door instead?

You can choose to have an above-door decoration, such as a welcome sign or the family name and crest.

You can also add a frame around the door with washi tape, or get one of these peel-and-stick wall art frames for an easy way to highlight the entrance.


The point of this article is to get you inspired with new and exciting door decorations. These tips are by no means rules on how to decorate.

Feel free to add your own spin on any of these ideas, or come up with your own. The thing about the creative process is that it can begin with one idea and end up somewhere completely unexpected.

One thing is for certain, though:

With a door that reflects your personality, your guests will feel like they’re visiting before they even step into the apartment!

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