The entourage effect is a classic term used to enlighten about the increase in the impact of cannabinoids and make it stronger when there are terpenes or any other cannabinoids. It is a common phenomenon found in the plant kingdom. Synergy is the fundamental fact on which the effects of the whole are sufficiently more than the sum of the parts. Thus it is safe to conclude that combining terpenes and cannabinoids do not increase the benefits, but it increases multiple times. Therefore, many brands mix Delta 8 THC with CBD or Delta 9 in their gummies, tincture, cream, etc., to deliver the benefits of both.

Delta 8 And Delta 9 THC: Entourage Effect Equals Synergy

As per the dictionary, an entourage is a group of people surrounding one or more central important figures. Thus a popular figure enters a hall and is surrounded by his entourage. The group of people serves and supports the person in different ways and helps him to amplify his productivity. Thus if the person were doing the work by himself, the result would not have been this good. The entourage effect is explained as the many ingredients that are power-packed in the plant working in sync to render a stronger and greater impact than any of the elements when working in isolation. The symptom is referred to as “plant synergy .” It is vital to understand that every active ingredient present in cannabis is bound to give that +one effect to experience the effect. Delta 8 THC has +1 terpenes and +1, and other cannabinoids like CBD have +1. If the synergy effect is not there, the effect will simply add like 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. It is like simple maths, but if we talk, synergy defies the laws of maths. As per synergy effect 1 +1 + 1 = 10. The law of additions gives place to the law of synergy. The power of synergy is immense, and thus, when you consume Delta 8 THC extract as it is, the effect is much different from that of the effect when Delta 8 THC is combined with terpenes and other cannabinoids.

How Does Delta 8 And Delta 9 THC Synergy Work?

Understanding plant synergy is difficult as it is complex. Plant synergy works with various mechanisms. The effects of terpenes amplify with the effect of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. Thus the two, when put together in use, overlapping effects are increased manifolds.

The vital aspect of driving synergy is as follows:

1. Shared benefits (Agnostic Effects): Some terpenes overlap when put together with either Delta 9 THC or Delta8 THC. Here, Delta 8 and 9 THC are potent calming agents, and ECS and GABA receptors grant the effect en route. Some terpenes focus on the GABA receptors and help achieve a sense of calmness and fresh feeling. Both the Deltas help to deal with inflammation, and when it is amplified with terpenes, the result is outstanding.

2. Slows the speed of metabolism (Metabolic Inhibitors): The terpenes can help to boost the effects and benefits of Delta eight and Delta 9 THC by reducing the metabolism and deactivation. The terpenes and other cannabinoids are digested by the liver enzymes used by the Delta strains. Thus, the two start fishing for the same category of liver enzymes. Therefore the breakdown of Delta takes a longer time, and thereby the effect lasts much longer.

3. Same effects (Adjunctive Benefits): A few terpenes do not give the same benefit and action as Delta 9 and Delta 9 THC but work on the same process to render the support to help the Delta give the results. The antioxidant component of terpenes, namely the ocimene or terpineol effect, pushes anti-inflammatory action without picking up the anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, different mechanisms present some stimulating effects of the Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC. The antimicrobial;l actions are another example of the various terpenes, thus uplifting effects, vasodilating effects, and much more.

Delta 8 And Delta 9 THC

4. Better absorption: The terpenes work to increase the absorption of the cannabinoids. Thus the effect of the Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC or any other cannabinoid increases. When you consume the delta strain in the form of tinctures or edibles, the content for better absorption is required that they are broken down. The absorption rate differs and is never 100%. Thus at any given [point, there will be some active ingredient that goes to waste and does not mix with the blood. Some terpenes increase the process where the cannabinoids travel out from the gut to the bloodstream. Thus, the expected format is widening the gap junctions in the digestive tract in several ways.

5. Increased blood-brain barrier permeability: The strain’s cognitive effects lie in their ability to reach the brain. The brain’s neurons are sensitive and have a special filter membrane that bifurcates in the brain from the arterial system that provides blood and oxygen. The membrane is termed a blood-brain barrier. It keeps the molecules in and holds a majority of them out. Delta 8 THC can pass through the blood barrier, and this is why it gives psychoactive benefits. A few of the hemp-based terpenes are known to boost the absorption of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC with its critical barrier by stirring the transporters present in the membrane.

Terpenes are nothing but small aromatic compounds built of hydrocarbon group and functional group. Each terpene has a different aroma. When you smell a plant or plant-based product or fruits and flowers, it is the terpene of the object that you are sensing. The terpenes evaporate from the plant and blend in the air giving out a distinct smell to soothe the nerves. The hemp plant gives terpenes, and thus each cannabis has a different scent.


The entourage effect of cannabis is a mechanism in which other cannabis compounds work synergistically with THC to modulate the plant’s psychoactive effects. Various cannabis products in the market mix CBD with THC or HHC to provide the benefits of both cannabinoids.

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