Your dog loves you unconditionally, and the feeling is mutual. Dogs do become part of the family and it’s because of this bond that they make the best pets for a lot of people. Always around to keep you company, they will try to comfort you if you’re sad, and no matter what, you know they’ll always be there by your side.

This is why it’s important to show your dog some love and return the kindness and loyalty that they show to you. Here are 5 great ways to treat your dog and show them how much they mean to you.

1. Go For A Long Hike

Not only will your dog love to go on an adventure, but this treat is also very good for them. Some breeds might not be able to manage hikes that are too long, but there are plenty of different trails on hiking routes that will be suitable for any dog and owner’s ability. Pick a nice, sunny day to go wandering through the woods or over the hills and let your furry friend run free and go exploring.

2. Invest In Quality Treats

All dogs love their treats, but some are better than others. A great example of quality treats can be found with the subscription service who carefully curate boxes of treats and toys that will be delivered straight to your door! What better way to give your dog a gift once a month?

3. Take Them For A Swim

Most dogs like taking a dip in the water, and there may have been times you’ve come back from a walk with a soaking wet dog that decided to jump into a puddle or pond. If you do happen to have a dog that enjoys a swim, take them out for the day to a lake or beach where dogs are welcome and it’s safe for them to play and swim in the water. Lakes are probably better than seas, as they might not have strong currents that could become dangerous. Either way, make sure you do your research before you go to avoid them getting swept downstream.

4. Upgrade Their Bed

Is your dog’s bed a little old and worn-out? If the answer is ‘yes’, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Treat them to a better night’s sleep by upgrading to a bigger, more comfortable dog bed they can enjoy lounging on and taking naps in. If you want to treat them, perhaps take them shopping with you and let them decide what bed they want.

5. Meet Up With Other Dogs

Dogs are social creatures, and if you have a friend or relative who also has a dog, why not schedule an afternoon or walk together? As long as the two pups get on with each other, they will have a great time chasing each other around and playing with each other, and you can have a catch-up with your friend, too.

Show your dog how much you love them by treating them with the suggestions above.

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