We are living in a world where we have great entertainment options through technology like wifi and mobile devices.

Is television in hotel rooms relevant in offering guests what they want?

Yes, absolutely! According to a survey, 73% of the millennial considered TV as “very important” versus 54% of older guests. This concrete data clearly shows that television in hotels lets the binge-watching continue, whether it is business travel or holiday trip. For many potential guests, television is a necessary object to watch movies, shows, sports, ensuring the guests have a relaxing and comfortable experience in a hotel room.

A smart TV can not only let the guests simply log into Netflix account to stream the show, but also turn itself into customizable digital signage. This will keep the guests informed about special offers, hotel events, and represent a warm welcome message.

Simply, the better your TV providing, the better your guests will experience! Here are four ways satellite TV can make the hotel stay better and happier:

1. A Wide Range Of HD Channels

The smart TV provides a wide range of premium HD channels to pick from and enables you to make your own custom guest experience. For instance, some hotels offer their guests to choose from plenty of channels to create free-to-guest channel line-up. This can let your guests access live TV, check local weather information, foster hotel amenities and offerings, and can even produce additional revenue by adding advertising from local partners.

Plus, when the guests switch on the TV, they will feel greeted by your personalized menu that includes your imagery, hotel logo, and even videos.

2. Selection Of On-Demand TV Shows And Movies

Provide your guests with many choices like adding individual channels, multicultural channels, theme packs, assessing the TV menu, and increasing the ability to connect with the unique viewing needs. Offering all these facilities with no incremental costs can make your guests’ experience worth it.

Moreover, they will appreciate this as they would never have to skip out their favorite shows while busy at work. For instance, hiring an experienced and professional technician to install satellite TV for business premises will enable you to have a fantastic selection of TV shows, on-demand movies, and also allow your guests to buy pay per view events.

3. Mirroring Content From Tablets Or Smartphones To The Television

A smart TV is not just about watching shows, but also offers many more features like streaming services, especially when the guests arrive with a tablet or smartphone with downloaded content they like to watch on big screens.  This enables friends and family watching their favorite content together.

4. Promote More Engaging Communication

The hotel’s smart TV has surely revolutionized the way hoteliers interact with their guests. It also allows guests to communicate with the hotel staff for placing room service orders, make reservations at the near café, explore the hotel services, check travel facilities, etc.

A personalized attempt in your service is what makes you distinguished from other hoteliers. It makes things more diverse, approachable, and intriguing for customers.


As technology continues to grow at pace and increasing travelers’ demands and expectations, hoteliers must continuously seek to evolve by innovating. In today’s competitive market where ROI in hotels as an asset is usually very challenging, but utilizing smart tech in hotels means they are constantly investigating new ways of hotel designs, niche, data to create personal that guests love!

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