Marketing your business or brand requires a lot of strategy and new initiatives. One marketing tactic that is gaining a lot of traction these days is animation. Using animation in your videos is a great marketing tactic that a lot of brands are using. Once, the only use of animation was creating cartoons or videos for kids. But now it is becoming a great boon for the marketing world.

Through animation, a brand can get across their message in a simple visual form that is appealing. Whether you are going for humorous or sentimental or other emotions, animated videos can bring it beautifully to life.

The latest statistics show that 81% of marketers are using video marketing. And users retain 95% message when they see it on a video. Also, 97% of marketers believe that consumer understands their product better when they see a video.

Thus, we can see video marketing is quite popular with businesses and customers alike. Taking it a notch higher with animation is the best step. Why? Well, because of these reasons:

  • Effective Tool For Communication: It is effective because it tells a story that helps you connect better with your audience.
  • Sharable Content: As we all know that customers review the product online before purchasing it. They look for feedback, advertisements, and information. An animated video interestingly presenting the message will certainly make a customer more glued to their screen. Also, if they like it, they will share it.
  • It Increases Conversion Rate: Using animated videos can increase your conversion rate of 80% or more.

Here is how you can include animation in your video:

1. Include Animation In Your Social Media

Social media is a great place to market your business. On social media, you have to keep the length of the video short. The trick is to make a small video but not compromise on your message. So, create animated GIFs or small animated video relevant and informative that engages the customer.

Make sure your animated video has characters or things moving, has beautiful colors-bright and vibrant, and has short lines. Humor works quite well with animation, so give that a try once. If your animated video is appealing enough, your users will certainly share it with more users.

2. Make Animated Videos Explaining Your Product

Animated explorer videos are videos that use animation to explain a service or product using colorful animation. Make sure that the video is engaging, emotional, and descriptive, but not too long. Many times, you have a complex brand or slogan or message that is hard to explain to a customer. With animated videos, you can break the message into a simple visual language that all customers can understand with ease.

Another benefit that will compel you to use animated explainer videos is that they are mobile-friendly. We all know that people use their mobile a lot these days to look at videos. If your animated videos are mobile-friendly, your brand will get more exposure.

3. Animated Storytelling Videos

Use animation to tell a story about your brand. People love to know what inspired a brand to come up with a product. And instead of using statistics or graphs, use animation. Use characters and connect with your user on an emotional level as it helps them understand their story better,

Make sure that the storytelling animated videos are impactful and relevant to the users.

4. Animated Video With Infographics

Infographics are one of the best types of content that you can share on your blog or website. They make complex data simple with the use of visual and text. They are shareable, and if you make them in the right way, they have the potential to become viral.

Infographics are effective and powerful, and they will become even more impactful if you make an animated video using your infographics. They will be quite a thing as they will use characters, stats, data, and colors to get across complex data.

You can use animated infographics instead of using presentations and so on. Try to make it with Canva.

5. Newsletters & Emails

Do you know that when you include animated gifs or videos in your emails or newsletter, it can increase the open rate by 40%? Instead of using long paragraphs or statistics in your emails to explain your offer your product to the customer, use small videos and gifs.

It will engage your audience, and they will look forward to your brand and its product.

6. Use Animated Cartoons

If your advertisement is performing well, think about carbonizing them. Or you can make a cartoon to advertise your product or services. Since everyone is using animated videos and gifs to promote their brand, it is best to do something different. There are not many brands that create animated ads to promote their brand you should certainly give it a try.

Check SharpSuits for entertaining animation designs too.

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