Whether you are building a house or want to upgrade your kitchen, then deciding on the appropriate countertops is an essential choice. The ideal kind of countertops goes beyond aesthetics, so too different materials varying degrees of care and durability requirements. In this post, we’ll cover the general features, advantages, and disadvantages, of countertop materials that will help you choose which kitchen countertop is most suitable for your home.

Here are a few of the trendiest types of countertops:

1. Granite

Granite countertops are among the trendiest, and for a good reason: they are gorgeous and add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. If you’re updating your kitchen to sell granite countertops, granite countertops are one of the features in real estate at the moment. This type of counter material is natural and made from a naturally occurring composite of stone, mica, and feldspar. Which means that every granite countertop is totally unique.

Yet another bonus with granite countertops is that they are hard and resistant to scratches. Each one of these positive characteristics is reflected in the cost. In comparison to other countertop materials, granite may cost around $140 per square foot that is pricey.

As with other all-natural stone countertops, granite needs to be treated with a stone sealant. Besides, it is essential to note it is hard to repair chips in granite, so it’s ideal to be extra careful to keep falling anything too heavy on the countertops.

2. Quartz

Quartz is now popular with high durability and low maintenance. It imitates the expression of stone far more powerful and also is just a material, including minerals and resin. Quartz countertop is available in a variety of patterns and vibrant colors, a few of which look very similar to materials such as granite as well as marble.

On average, quarts’ price ranges from $55-$155 per square foot, but a cost-saving suggestion is to purchase tiles of quartz, rather than slabs. This material’s drawback is that hard, sharp borders are prone to chipping, so pick for soft, round edges for your countertops.

3. Marble

Like granite, marble countertops are an all-natural stone option that will bring a touch of classic elegance into your kitchen! These gleaming surfaces are too versatile and will fit with just about any décor or design you can dream of. There are several variations of marble available, based on your taste.

Marble features a couple of drawbacks that might not allow it to be the best-suited material for your kitchen countertops. It is a high maintenance countertop substances that will require sealing because it is very porous. Marble is a greatly softer stone than granite; therefore, it can scratch and chip easily. Another dilemma many people have with marble is etching and staining; acidic drinks and foods can really impact these countertops.

If you believe the standard elegance far outweighs the high maintenance of this type of countertops, it can run you anywhere between $50 and $200 per square foot to fix them in your kitchen.

4. Laminate

Laminate countertops are just another business favorite because of simplicity and their affordability to install. This is comprised of layers of paper or textile, placed over the top of composition timber and sealed by resin.

Present in a wide range of patterns and shades, laminate is powerful and modern compared to former of this ’80s! Because of new printing technology, it is possible to come across a stylish pattern to accommodate your own kitchen. Laminate is resistant to heat and stains, but you should be cautious since this may leave scratches and marks when cutting on the countertop.

You would usually pay $15-$40 per square foot, and it could be installed DIY or by an experienced handyman.

5. Corian

Corian is a brand name solid coating type countertop manufactured by DuPont. These countertops are offered in a wide variety of colors but built to look like stone, although made from a fusion of acrylics and polyesters. You can secure good surface countertops to look like granite, marble, or quartz without the expense or drawbacks of real stone.

Solid surface countertops are durable and incredibly hard. Besides, they are easy to wash and nonporous. However, they could scratch easily and aren’t as resistant to heat. As with quartz, it isn’t just a fantastic idea to leave a hot pot onto a Corian countertop, and the material can be caused by heat. Solid surface countertops, on average, cost between $40 and $125 per square foot if you are searching for beauty on a budget.

6. Recycled Glass

The other popular countertop material is recycled glass that is the material perfect for contemporary, modern kitchens. While glass shards that are ground make for an even more simplified, toned down feel, large shards of glass create for an even more dynamic look.

Recycled glass is resistant to cuts, stains, and scratches, but some brands of glass are exposed to high heat and might crack. Make sure to put hot pots and pans pads that are heat-resistance and perhaps not entirely on the glass. This material is usually available for purchase at $50-$125 per square foot.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Countertops For Your Needs

Set aside some of the covers your countertops, and you’ll want to establish a kitchen remodeling project. Keep in mind that this might be a moderate or substantial portion of one’s budget, depending on the kind of countertop materials you pick.

But if you are running a restaurant in a garage or metal building, so stainless steel materializes countertop will be best for your commercial purpose.

Knowing countertop material’s cost and functionality may also assist you in reassessing the amount of counter space your kitchen requirements. Remember, the material that you choose will almost certainly be used to get even a counter area and a kitchen; therefore, there is that cost to factor in too.

There are present dozens of countertop materials to choose from; only select a little has been tried and experienced as 100% reliable and value to your money. A customer report analyzed over a dozen trendy countertops materials for their resistance to heat up, stains, cuts, scratches, and impact.

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