Looking to redesign your bathroom on a budget? Want to breathe new life into it without renovating the entire thing?

From shower curtains to storage baskets, there are lots of little things you can add to your bathroom to give it a brand-new look. And you won’t have to bust your budget doing so.

If you want your lavatory to look and feel luxurious, keep reading. Here are seven bath accessories that will improve your bathroom design!

1. Organic Cotton Waffle-Weave Shower Curtain

A simple white shower curtain can give your bathroom a serene, spa-inspired look. But with so many out there to choose from, how do you find the best one?

Well, my personal favorite is the Organic Waffle-Weave Shower Curtain. With its textured finish, this curtain will instantly give any bathroom a clean, new appearance.

This style is timeless, so it’s easy to incorporate into any home. Whether you have a modern or retro-style bathroom, you’ll love the way this curtain looks on your shower. Plus, the wide buttonhole openings allow you to attach it to any type of shower curtain rings.

At $69, this curtain is one that you’ll never want to throw away. And you’ll never have to! It’s machine-washable and can be tumble-dried, so you can launder it as often as needed.

2. Apothecary Storage Bottles

With a set of Apothecary Glass Storage Bottles, you can store cotton balls, makeup applicators, and bath salts in style. Available in different sizes that range from $2.99 to $8.99 each, these bottles work well in any master bath or powder room.

The clear design makes it easy to see what’s stored inside, and the stopper lids keep items contained safely, even when the bottles are packed to the brim.

They make great decorations, too. They’ll look adorable displayed on your bathroom shelf or the edge of your sink. They’re as fashionable as they are functional!

3. Decorative Storage Baskets

Incorporate a natural element into your bathroom design with this White Decorative Basket. Handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans, this basket is braided, wrapped, and attached to a sturdy metal frame. That means it will keep its shape, unlike baskets that don’t have an internal structure.

At $26.99, this basket is a steal. It features two handles that make it easy to move from one room to the next. We love it as a storage bin for extra rolls of toilet paper, but it could also be used as a small hamper (or even a trash bin for your home office).

4. Art Print Bath Rug

Want to give your bathroom a bold, one-of-a-kind look? These Art Print Bath Mats are a great way to add color and personal style to your room.

Made from memory foam, this mat offers a soft layer of style beneath your feet. It’s perfect for placing outside your tub or at the foot of your sink. A non-skid backing prevents it from sliding, and it can be safely cleaned in your washing machine.

The best part? It comes in thousands of colors and prints (about 18,000 actually). DENY Designs partners with hundreds of artists and designers, each with their own unique style. At only $55, the hardest part about buying this bath mat is choosing which one you want!

5. Over-the-Door Hanger

The smaller your bathroom, the more crucial it is to utilize every inch of space. This means using overlooked spaces like the back of the door.

At $9.99, IKEA’s Voxnan door hanger is the perfect way to maximize space without having to mount any hooks or shelves.

Designed to fit on any door, this hanger features a shiny chrome finish to coordinate with both traditional and modern room designs. It’s detailed with six separate pegs that you can use to hang bathrobes, clothes, and drying towels.

If you’re looking to incorporate a few other accessories into your new bathroom design, there’s an entire Voxnan collection. From showerheads to toilet brushes, every piece in the collection is priced with the budget-savvy consumer in mind.

6. Ladder Towel Rack

Looking for a stylish new way to hang towels? At $34.99, this Bamboo/Teak Ladder Rack is the perfect way to display your towel collection!

The slender shape makes it great for small bathrooms, while the 70” height allows you to take advantage of your vertical space. The combination of teak and bamboo gives it a natural, rustic look, so it’s great for bathrooms with wood floors and other natural elements.

This ladder rack comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is prop it up against a wall, drape some towels over the rungs, and you’re done!

7. Bamboo 5-Piece Accessory Set

With clean lines and a natural feel, the Cillian Bamboo 5-Piece Accessory Set will turn any bathroom into a spa-like setting. Priced at $51.99, it includes five useful accessories that you won’t even realize you needed until you have them.

This set includes a small wastebasket, a towel tray, and a dual-compartment container to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste. It also comes with a lidded jar that’s perfect for holding cotton balls, and a pump dispenser that can be used for hand lotion or liquid soap.

The various pieces allow you to personalize your display. You can either place them together on your countertop or display them each in a different area of your bathroom. It’s up to you!

In Summary

Ready to design and decorate your bathroom without having to drain your budget?

From towel racks to storage bottles to vanity sets, affordable accessories are easy to find. Whether your bathroom is modern, rustic, or retro, the right accessories can turn any bath into the luxurious space you’ve always dreamed it could be!

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