Trends are the flow of some unique information on the Internet for some specific time. Online surfers follow all the necessary steps to keep up with the fresh trends.   

One fresh meme has recently emerged online that requires netizens to Google something and get its answer. The funny thing is that the presented answers are usually hilarious and unexpectedly surreal. “How Long Do Idiots Live?” is one such trend. The relevant videos and memes have become a popular social media trend and make people laugh at the expense of their friends.  

This write-up is a detailed summary that will help you comprehend “How Long Do Idiots Live?”   

Focus On The News  

There’s an online revolving meme that enquires, “How Long Does an Idiot Live?” Maybe you have never come across such a question. However, when you search this, Google responds to you with an even more bizarre answer.   

This life of idiot’s challenge became popular to show off one’s creative side.   

Focusing on a little backdrop, this meme primarily went viral in 2021. Of course, it’s not trending since then, but it regained momentum in February 2022.    

Further, this trend went viral on TikTok, and hence many netizens tried to expose the answer to the trending question. As a result, multiple TikTok videos can be found where people tried to answer it with witty responses.  

People liked this trend and turned crazy because of the peculiar answers Google provides as a result.   

Meme’s Trend On TikTok  

TikTok has become a global sensation over time. It is a tool for finding many videos by using relevant hashtags to search for topics of interest. TikTok videos are usually short clips based on a shortened piece of music. It usually ranges from 5 to 15 seconds.   

Type “TikTok” as a keyword, and then it will display various video trends and popular hashtags there. Follow popular video creators as they upload dozens of videos daily. Some users modify various elements, like adding on-screen text, transitions and other effects. You can learn many new techniques by following their videos.  

Answers To The Viral Question: “How Long Do Idiots Live” 

Google greets users with a particular answer upon searching “How Long Do Idiots Live?” Google hints that the stupid lives for around 12 to 15 years. So, it implies that all idiots fade away at the arrival of their puberty. And also, those who survive and become adults are normal or non-idiotic people.  

In fact, if you search for how long the short people live, Google answers it as 10 to 13 years, which is definitely not true. Netizens then share such funny things with their friends.  

Other bizarre yet fun queries include the life of emo rats and pigs, how to shorten life span, oldest rat, oldest emo, and many others. In addition, Google shows answers which are even more unexpected than these search questions. For instance, Google states that the life of emo rats varies from 1 to 3 years.  

People are smart and know it’s a fun response, so they kind of enjoy this meme.   

However, according to the Norwegian study, the people’s average answer to this query is 91 years, which is an extremely long-life expectancy.   

IQ Decides When One Dies  

A study depicted that an increase in IQ by 15% or 15 points offers a 21% more chance of not dying early. This cohort study noticed a group of 11-year-olds after assigning an IQ test in Scotland. It began in 1932, and then these kids were followed for decades. The result reflected that those who died before hitting the age of 30 had an IQ of 94. Moreover, the research showed that an increased IQ supports longer life. Of course, those with high IQ will have a better living standard and good health conditions.  

One more Scottish study, Scottish Mental Surveys, revealed that increased IQ offers a 20% chance of not dying anytime soon. But this study accounts for only four people on average. So, it concluded that people with lower IQs die soon.  

There’s a popular German study of Life span, which again focused on how a 15% increment in IQ offers 21% more chances of life longevity and not dying. This research was carried out using a historic survey.  

Netizens Response  

Audiences have shared their opinions on the same via many online platforms. All took Google’s response very lightly for entertainment only. Many advise others also to take it lightly. However, some enjoy it and have made funny memes or TikTok videos on it.  

Many people also wonder if this meme is a genuine trend.  

Other Interconnected Memes  

“I will never forget you” is a linked meme that began after the success of that idiot’s meme. In this, netizens share “I will never forget you” with somebody between the age of 12 to 15 years to tell them that they are fools. This trend fetched many funny responses and feedback from web users. However, it was more popular among Gen-Z TikTokers.   

Another challenge named “how long do Emojis Live?” gained hundreds of millions of views online and featured emojis and tall people. In addition, the videos made by web users on this challenge can’t help but make you laugh.  

Conclusion Drawn  

“How Long Do Idiots Live?” meme is trending over the Internet, and netizens are enjoying it by creating more funny content about it. They reply to each other’s funny comments on these posts. Everyone took it for fun-purpose only.   

Various scientific studies showed that IQ increase is directly associated with longevity of life. A person with a lower IQ has a lower lifetime, and those with a higher IQ have a higher life expectancy.   

It suggests that the odds of survival of idiots are clearly lesser than the intellectual or non-idiotic ones.   

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