There are several kinds of RC cars designed for particular purposes. You could find items like battle RCs, rock crawlers, or RC stunt cars. The following information will throw more light on what you should look for when buying an RC car that can drive like a boat. 

Type Of Power Used In RC Cars

There are two ways to power your RC car. These include the use of a gas engine or an electric battery.

Gas Engine

Many gas engine RC cars do not use gas. Even though you can find some RC cars that use gas, other RC cars use a mixture of oil and gas. The principle type of fuel for gas engine RC cars is called nitromethane. This fuel provides RC cars with more power than electric batteries, which makes them move faster than the battery-powered RC cars. The gas engine can be useful in an RC car that can drive like a boat. The nitromethane is available for purchase from most RC hobby stores in addition to most online stores.

Nitro-powered RCs are more substantial than electric battery-powered RCs, which makes the Nitro-powered RCs have a higher risk of breaking if crashed. These nitro RCs have a higher risk of developing gas leaks and spills. On getting a new nitro-powered RC, you will have to tune it up before using it. It will require taking out an RC car for some test drives without running full throttle. It enables the RC to get used to the fuel.

The gas-powered RC cars produce loud sounds when ignited.

Electric Battery

If you are looking forward to buying your first RC car, get a battery-powered electric vehicle, which makes it easy for people to practice and learn how to drive an RC car. Electric cars have less power, and they send their ability faster to their wheels. It makes electric cars to take off at a faster rate.

RC cars are advantageous. These RC cars are made ready to drive once you purchase them. All you need to do is to charge the battery of this car. An electric battery-powered RC car is quieter than the gas-powered RC cars.

Types Of RC Cars That You Can Choose From

Several RC car models are available for you to choose from at any time. The choice depends on you, the owner of the RC car. When choosing an RC car, always consider the purpose you are to use the vehicle for and which car appeals to you most. RC cars are among the fastest vehicles. Many of the RC cars can go over 40 miles per hour, while others can run for 100 miles per hour.

RC Cars

There are three main types of RC cars that you can opt for if you are after speed and need an RC car that can drive like a boat. These include the following:

  • Drift Cars: These are electric-powered and can run on smooth roads.
  • On-Road Cars: These RC cars can drive on asphalt and cement roads.
  • Rally Cars: These cars can drive on any road, including roads of gravel and dirt.

RC Trucks

RC Trucks are designed to drive off the road, and there are three kinds of such vehicles. These include the following:

  • Monster Trucks: These can drive-off road and in the mud if they are designed to be water-resistant.
  • Short Course Trucks: Such trucks are more durable and can be suitable for racing. It can be an RC car that can drive like a boat.
  • Stadium Trucks: These are trucks that easy to clean and are more stable.

All the trucks, as mentioned earlier, drive well in the dirt.

RC Buggy

RC Buggy is a mix of RC cars and trucks. They are speedy and possess off-the-road capabilities, and you can drive these buggies on pavements and through the dirt.

Other Important Things To Look When Buying RC Cars

The Speed Of The RC Car

Stay away from the idea of wanting to drive your first RC car with high speed. Over speeding can result in fatal accidents to you and your vehicle. Start driving at slower speeds and gradually increase the car speeds with extended periods of driving. On the first day you drive your RC car, get familiar with its different functions.

The Remote Control Of The RC Car

Some RC cars have intricate remote control designs. If you are a beginner on an RC car, choose a remote control that has a joystick appearance. This shape is more comfortable to start handling. It will do you right if you are using a user-friendly remote control for an RC car.

Cost Of The RC Car

Consider the cost of an RC car before buying it. Only buy what you can afford in maintenance and servicing. For beginners, you should begin with cheap car models before going for the expensive ones.

The Type Of Batteries To Use In The RC Car

If you want a faster RC car that is electric battery-powered, always choose Lipo batteries. These batteries deliver the highest power without undermining battery life. Lipo batteries are right for your RC car because they provide the most significant power while maintaining the necessities of any modified racing rules.

To help you know the lifespan of a battery, consider the motor ratings of your electric car. A higher rotation per minute (RPM) will imply more power production or consumption and a faster vehicle. A vehicle that possesses more power, speed, and torque requires an advanced Lipo battery. Gens ace 7600mAh 7.4V 50C is one of the best lipo batteries for your RC car because its capacity is functional. Only go for an RC car that will be easy on you and your financial status. No need to buy an RC car that you cannot maintain to meet some unrealistic standards.

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