What links a plumber, a florist and a computer repair engineer? The need for good marketing! Whatever field you work in, whether it’s a trade, a service or selling goods, it’s important you market your business as effectively as possible. Whilst you might find it hard to find time in your busy day to market yourself, if you don’t you could find those busy work days soon begin to dry up. Here are three marketing ideas that are guaranteed to help your business grow:

Buy A Marketing List

The best way to make sure you are reaching the right people is to do some research and directly contact those who seem most likely to be interested in your business. With traditional marketing, it’s likely that a large number of people might never need the goods or services your business provides, no matter how impressive your advert is. If you run a very niche business, the percentage of people ignoring the advert could be huge.

To make the odds more in your favour, buy a marketing list from a company that has researched potential clients already. Companies like this work like a sieve, removing those who have no interest in your company and leaving those who have already expressed an interest in companies just like yours. Make sure you choose a company that regularly analyses a large database for the best results. For example, you can be sure that email lists from leadlists.com.au will be effective as they have over 18 million contacts across Australia. They regularly validate all this information, meaning no information you buy will be older than six months.

Be Busy On Social Media

Lots of us spend hours every week, and sometimes even every day, on social media. That means it’s a great place to do a bit of free marketing. Start your own Facebook page. Make sure it contains your best products and services as well as an easy way for people to get in touch if they want to do business with you. Once you’ve got a few existing customers liking your page, run a competition to encourage them to share your page with others in return for a prize. This means your number of likes will slowly grow into an audience big enough to find some new customers.

Think Outside Of The Box

Some of the best marketing ideas are often the ones that people haven’t thought about yet. For example, Burger King recently started sponsoring the football team Stevenage who play in the lowest league of the English Football League. Many would have thought this would be a waste of money, as only a small amount of people follow the team. What many people were forgetting was that by sponsoring the team’s shirt, they would find their logo on one of the world’s most popular games – FIFA 20. They launched a social media campaign to encourage people to play as Stevenage and see how far they could get them up the league. This led to them becoming the most played team on the game, and lots of videos being published across social media of players in their shirt lifting some of the world’s most prestigious trophies.

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