Towels are used in every home as these are essential small things that offer comfort and coziness after a shower, especially in Winter. It makes one feel warm though for some time, but it completes a bath. It’s a task to dry towels in Winter, whereas a heated towel rack is perfect as it soaks in humidity and keeps itself warm anytime you want to use it.   

Additionally, a heated towel rack eradicates the towel’s mildew, dries quickly, and acts as a heat source in your bath area or washroom. You can buy this heated towel rack in various styles, mounts, types, and sizes.  

Now, the problem that arises here is what to look for while choosing a perfect heated towel rack. Regular users may not find it difficult, but it’s surely a hassle for someone planning to get their first heated towel rack. This weblog is a guide to types of heated towel racks and aspects to keep in mind prior to purchasing one for your bathroom space. Skim through to know it all.  

Know Types Of Heated Towel Racks  

There are two general types of heated towel racks, varying on the basis of their installation procedures.   

  • Electric Heated Towel Rack  
  • Hydronic Heated Towel Rack  

Electric Heated Towel Rack

It consumes electricity to keep towels dry. It can be bought for an improvised bathroom as it consumes less electricity than that by two standard-sized light bulbs.  


  • Easily installable and no need for a plumber or other technician.  
  • Simple to use; just plug in and turn on the switch.  
  • Portable and easy to carry; if mounted, then difficult to move.  
  • It saves money as it consumes less power.  
  • It heats quickly compared to the Hydronic one.  


  • They have visible wiring so that short circuits can easily damage them.  
  • Electricians are required for hardwired models.  
  • The heating factor can’t be replaced, so a lot of money is wasted if the heater gets damaged.  

Hydronic Heated Towel Rack   

It’s like a radiator fitted with a radiant heat system, simply an existing hot water system that emits needed heat to keep your towel dry.  


  • It lacks noticeable wires, so there is no risk of short circuits.  
  • Moreover, its heating component is replaceable if distorted.  
  • It has great energy efficiency.  


  • Expert guidance is required to install it.  
  • It requires comparatively more time to heat up.  
  • It’s complicated to shift it once it’s fitted.  
  • This heater only works for the time the boiler works. 

How To Keep Heated Towel Rack  

It’s up to you where and how you want to keep your heated towel rack. It can be mounted on a wall, floor or any freestanding place. Have an estimate of your bathroom area while mounting the heater. Placing it as a freestanding makes it more flexible and convenient to use. This way, you can move the heated towel rack too, even after its fixed at a place.  

Rest depends upon your personal choices and preferences. Prefer wall mounting if your floor remains empty most of the time. You can get these wall-mounted models for all kinds of bathroom spaces. If your bathroom has uneven walls and freestanding tubs, then go for a floor-mounted heated towel rack model.  

Be Sure Of Other Relevant Details  

These heated towel rack heaters retail in diverse styles and sizes. Depending upon your washroom’s vibe, you can choose the one out of traditional, modern or contemporary styles.  

Also, the size of the warmer will rely on the number of towels to be hung on there once it is fixed in your bath area. So, buy a small size if you live alone and get a big one for everyone’s towel in your family.   

Quality Must Be Your Priority  

Don’t just give in when buying a heated towel rack; instead, research and look for the one that will last you long. Prefer warmers with features including high durability, corrosion-resistant, and manufactured from 304 Grade stainless steel.  

Also, check the product’s guarantee period, and try to get one with a guarantee period of almost 15 years. Don’t settle for anything less; you are investing your hard-earned money in it, so it must last you a lifetime.  

Smart Features  

Numerous ultra-cool devices transform bath areas into the smartest spaces of the house, and a heated towel rack is one among them. These warmer dry your towels, kill off harmful bacteria and add a dash of warmth to your bathroom, so what else do you expect from it.  

But not just are these features ample to make it a smart gadget, but you can command your heated towel rack for switching on and drying towels with its Wi-Fi-enabled switches. So, get ready to have a cozy spa in the evening, converting your bath space into a super-comfy salon.   

Style: Not Merely An Option  

Bathroom beauty is a top goal of the interior design industry this year. So, get a heated towel rack that enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom. Get the one that compliments your expensive taps and tiles. Hundreds of styles for the warmers vary depending on their sense of style, pattern, geometry, etc.   

For instance, if your bathroom is fitted with stainless steel taps and holders, match it up with a matte black heated towel rack. You can choose the finish which you want, like polished or brushed. Then, select any color among multiple custom-colored warmers.   

Few Last Words  

Beautiful bathrooms with high-on functioning are the most desirable bathroom elements required in your house. A dry, fluffy towel emitting warmth is an unavoidable temptation after a warm shower on a winter afternoon. And guess what, that’s possible with a heated towel rack, so get one and install it wherever you like in your bathroom space, like wall, floor or as a freestanding. Get it customized in your favorite color, like polished matte black or luxe rose gold or style to accentuate the vibe of your bath area.   

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