Real estate postcards have been a tried and true marketing method for realtors for decades. However, it can be a problematic marketing tool for new realtors because of the many logistics involved with running the campaign. Fortunately, online real estate postcard template companies have them covered.

Companies like Wise Pelican can handle all the logistics of a real estate postcard campaign, including designing the cards, allowing you to target your market and focus on your other duties as a realtor. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits a real estate postcard company can offer.

Easily Customize Template To Fit Your Needs

A high-quality real estate postcard template company will offer various postcards to match your needs. There will, of course, be the standard real estate postcards that every realtor needs, such as Just Listed and Just Sold Cards. However, even these traditional cards have a variety of templates and color schemes that best fit your brand or that you can alternate between to keep your campaign fresh.

Additionally, a real estate postcard template company, such as Wise Pelican, will offer out of the box templates and design ideas that will undoubtedly leave an impression on your audience. These include holiday-themed postcards, postcards with cocktail recipes, and even postcards that kids can color in if you are targeting a neighborhood with a lot of families. The wide variety of available templates can make starting your campaign easier.

Track Your Mailer Campaign

One of the main benefits of using a postcard template company to handle your real estate marketing is the ability to track your postcards in the mail. Of course, you could do this yourself, and if you were sending one card, it would be pretty easy to do it. However, when it comes to a real estate postcard marketing campaign, you might be sending hundreds of postcards to a neighborhood. Suddenly accurately tracking that many mailers becomes a logistical nightmare. A real estate postcard template company can handle all of that for you.

List Builders To Target Specific Houses

When starting your real estate marketing campaign, one of the first things you have to do is build a mailing list of the houses and neighborhoods you would like to mail to. More experienced realtors create multiple lists for every type of postcard they are mailing out. On top of that, there will be houses that do not want to receive postcards and have to be put on a no mail list.

These variables make building an accurate and functioning mailing list a complicated task. A template company, like Wise Pelican, offers interactive list builders to handle the logistics for you.

Automated Seller Valuation Templates

Template builders like Wise Pelican offer unique home valuation templates that come with an individual URL that the homeowner can use to get a valuation of their home. If the homeowner is excited by the price, they can contact you for an in-person and more accurate valuation. This is a great card to generate new leads.

Real Estate Postcards Don’t Have To Be Complicated

The logistics involved with starting a real estate postcard campaign often scare off new realtors. Hopefully, now you understand how sites like Wise Pelican can handle all the complicated tasks involved with starting a campaign and let you focus on simply creating your brand.

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