Cat’s has always been an Internet’s favorite; every day, you get to see a new popular picture, gif, or a short video of a cat. But while the past years has welcomed the cynicism of the love for cuddly and grumpy cats, the Internet is now longing for the cute and loving dogs. They are also having a good moment online; however, it’s also undeniable that cats only (not dogs) has always been in the limelight and the stories from the popular resources speak all:

Buzzfeed: Why Are The Cats Better Than Dogs (According To The Internet)?

The New York Times: How Cats Are Evolved To Win The Internet

Gizmodo: Why Cats Rule The Internet Instead Of Dogs

In fact, BBC’s Dave Lee wrote that “Internet doggos are supplying the needed diversion from the humourless drudgery, which make up most of the social media”. But, keeping suspicions aside, here’s the data to prove everything.

Considering the top three posts of Reddit, you will only see things about dogs. Even if you classify each search, you will notice that most of the posts are either about cats, dogs, or both. In 2017 only, Reddit features more than half of the 100 posts about dogs only. The popularity can also be gauged with Marnie, a rescue dog having about 2 million Instagram followers. Marnie gained its popularity from her photos and short videos on Instagram, which her owner Braha posted.

Besides, the dogs are loyal, happy-go-lucky, and are not spooky; this is the reason why the Internet is shifting to mainstream dog types. Keith also compared the rise of popularity of dogs to the popularity of Trump. If the data from Instagram are considered, 22 of the 50 accounts on the platform are pet-related only, with 18 only are cat related. Apart from this, many internet memes and dog abbreviations also get added to them. Some of the common terms you might encounter if you enter in the dog world are:

  • Blop ( sticking the tongue slightly out)
  • Bork (bark)
  • Bamboozle (trick or fool)
  • Cramker (cracker)
  • Cromchy (crunchy)
  • Dis an Dat (this and that)
  • Doggo (dog)
  • Floof (fluffy/a fluffy dog)
  • Good Boi (good boy)
  • Henlo (hello)
  • Hooman (human)
  • Pupperino (puppy)
  • Puppers (puppies)

Now, if you combine all the pieces of vocabulary, the doggo-speak will be like:

Henlo human, you got any juicy treats in our pockets? Or maybees sum crunchy crackers? I bark for treats. BORK! BORK! Still no treats? Heck in’ Linda, you are not being in my friend today. Wait, you do have threats after all?! I was bamboozled! Phew, you were doing’ me a concern there for a minuet! Mmm, these are delish! Mlem, Moslem, mlem….” 

Cats were once ruling the Internet because the web was under the rule of people who are identified with cats. But, now the web has become vast, and the internet preferences have changed, the web preferences have become similar to that of society’s preferences. And, with that, dog preferences are changing and exceeding over the cat’s ownership.

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