Every parent wishes for their kids to become something in their lives. They start visualizing that future since the day their child is born. There planning involves preschool, primary, secondary and so on. To begin that first step into the actual education, what parents need to build in their kids is the necessary social skills. Helping the preschool groom their child in social skills would take them a long way to success in the coming years.

Not only would these social skills enable confidence and putting oneself forward but also improve and enable healthy relationships with relatives and peers.

What Are The Social Skills Needed To Be Developed In Kids?

Having different yet good relationships with different people from all walks of lives, a child is needed to be taught about the following social skills:

1. Communication Skills

These skills involve having the right kind of facial expressions including a smile, right words and tone, good listening and interpreting, eye contact and right gestures.

2. Entry Skills

This involves understanding how to initiate communication with unknown entities and how to engage them in inviting you to join their group.

3. Group Playing

This involves learning how to be a team player, how to share, take turns, follow rules, manage issues, help others and listen to others.

4. Friendship

It includes lessons to understand friendship, supporting friends, being helpful, kind, following requests and favors, group discussions and cooperation.

5. Emotional Lessons

All these skills are needed to be inculcated in a child for a strong foundation to be set. Best Montessori Nurseries in Abu Dhabi focusses on the individual development of all these skills.

It involves understanding what is right and wrong, when to apologize and when to appreciate, about sadness, happiness, love and anger, about sharing feelings and expressing emotions and so on.

Enabling Kids To Learn Social Skills

Parents being the most constant thing in a child’s life are the prime promoters and educators of social skills. Though that is not the only source, others include friends, peers, teachers, extended family, daycares and preschools.

If parents would be searching for the right tool or method to inculcate these skills, it is unfortunate for us to tell you, there is no strategy or predefined process for it. It takes the goings-on in a child’s life and parents remarking on necessary things to make them understand.

In top preschools, it’s the staff and educators who play the most important role, that is, to study individual children. Since no two kids would be the same, their methods and capabilities of learning and understanding would also not be identical. Understanding necessary differences and molding situations based on that would enable the right learning. Additionally, it is all about practice. The more the child uses those skills in daily operations, the more they learn. That is the approach  Best Play School in Abu Dhabi believes in.

How Can Children Be Encouraged To Learn Social Skills?

A few pointers as below might be able to clarify the learning approach:

1. It’s Always Good To Show Kids What To Do & How To Behave.

Every kid at home or in preschool learns by copying the actions of peers and adults. So, if the right social skills are shown, the kid learns to apply by copying and eventually adapting that for the future.

2. Self-Confidence Is The Key To Adapting To Social Environments.

When your child does something good, he/she expects appreciation. So, telling them that it was ‘well done’ or ‘good try’ might encourage them to go further with confidence. Additionally, ensuring that others’ feelings are recognized is best in many cases. If a child is not sharing, making him/her understand the hurt it caused to others, might enable a social act of sharing with confidence.

3. Consistence Teaching Can Go A Long Way In Life.

When remark about sharing, repeat that every time you see the act not happening. With time, the child can relate when the act of sharing is required and you can see the difference when you would not have to say it. But it is always advisable to make that remark again but with an appreciation. This consistency can ensure deep-set roots in mind. This is also one of the things Bright Kids Nursery keeps a close eye on.

4. Recognize Relationships & Talk About Feelings.

Ensuring that a growing child recognized relationship and form new ones on his/her own is crucial. Alongside this, enabling a child to act on those relations by sharing feelings and thoughts can be great.

5. Imaginary Plays Can Ensure Mental Growth & Imaginative Improvement.

Allow kids to play dress up, have tea parties, acting out stories and so on because it is great for their motor skills.

6. Enable Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Skills.

To improve the overall mental growth and decision-making power of a child, it is necessary to inculcate the right problem-solving skills. This can be done by cutting down arguments and discussions and making children solve it with peace. Also, enabling kids to take small decisions and choose the right makes them learn to solve problems.

All these ways should be the prime focus of  Best Play School in Abu Dhabi that ensures all kids are given all possible exposure to gain maximum benefits of preschool and set a strong foundation for the future.

Though maximum preschools in Abu Dhabi follow the above approaches to inculcating necessary skills in kids, it up a notch by getting hands-on practice on the skills right from the beginning. To make them learn decision making, activities are chosen by kids, to make them learn to share and taking turns, limited toys and team player games are enabled more. To enable understanding of relationships, activities involving new kids and family members are assigned for practice. This is one preschool where parents are equally involved in the education of their child and in cahoots with the educators of the preschool to ensure maximum benefit in and out of preschool grounds.

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