There is an overwhelming change in the landscape of our kids inhabit. Gradually, but surely, the mobile phones that we gave them to keep in contact, have become too compelling in a way that we never anticipated. After all, buzzing, beeping, and blinking smartphones with social media notifications can affect their social and mental wellness.

Most children are so attached to their phones that the device seems welded to their hands much of the time. With this level of addiction, breaking the cycle of behavior is painful, complex, but a vital concern.

In other words, it is time to have them remembered the sole purpose of using these social media applications – is it for something productive or you are just going with the flow with no concrete result?

It is worth mentioning to not allow anything that can take over your lives in a dysfunctional way. So, here are some tips for how you can stop yourself being captured in the social media web and take back control:

Don’t Take Everything At Face Value

Do not get fooled by things you see on social media. People might face all sorts of negative emotions –worry, envy, depression – when they see their friends’ posts about traveling and every little or big stuff they buy.

But it’s crucial to know that some posts can be misleading because they are only partial views of other peoples’ lives. Stop comparing your “behind-the-scenes” with other’s “highlight reel.”

Be Determined By Your Goal

Always remember your goals and plan your schedule in a way that can balance everything. You can start by determining yourself towards your aims and ambitions you want to achieve. Make a routine that includes healthy eating, working out, and talking to someone that can motivate you.

Set time limits when using your phone, tablet, or laptop – even if you are doing other things other than using social media. For instance, it is fine to take a break while completing your school project at the Christian School in Spring Texas. But, if you feel stuck in the endless cycle of internet browsing, step away from the screen immediately.

This not only gives you a healthy break to replenish your energy but also prevents you from using your social media as an alternative to work-related tasks.

Follow Something That Motivates You

Follow pages on social media that inspires you rather than following one because of their popularity. There are millions of online pages, including entertainment, high-end lifestyles, and more. You often find such pages simply to realize that your newsfeed is firstly filled with gossip. Do not let them manipulate you into diverting from your interests.

Instead, follow the news media to stay updated with the economic, social, and political happenings from across the globe. You can find your best pass time by exploring something that can provide additional knowledge apart from your academics. It can be anything related to sports, wildlife, geography, history, etc. There is a high probability that you find interesting content in every area of your interest.  You just need to know and follow the right pages that motivate you and not just the popular ones!

Take Breaks From Social Media

The emergence of technology has made connecting people across the globe very easy. But it is important to know when to unplug from social media and spend quality time with your own.

Focus on your life goals and pursue your passion and hobbies instead of pointlessly wasting time online. So, the next time you are scrolling down your newsfeed, remind yourself that you have a lot of productive activities to engage in. Follow these tips to help you stop being manipulated by social media!

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